Dn-v self-propelled howitzer, with limited comprehensive performance, meets the actual needs of Mexico

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The DN series was developed by Mexico in the 1960s and has become one of the country’s main military equipment, although its performance is generally not excellent.The latest version of the DN-IV Ma, which is diesel-powered and weighs 6.5 tons and comes in two different versions, was introduced in the 1980s.On this basis, Mexico also launched the DN-V “Bull” and DN-V “Buffalo” wheeled self-propelled howitzers with higher maturity since 1984.The DN-V Bull is 5.89 meters long, 3.06 meters wide and 2.5 meters high, and weighs 10.5 tons. It is powered by cummins V-504 diesel engine and can run 500 kilometers at 80 kilometers per hour continuously.The DN-V “Buffalo” self-propelled howitzer imitated and learned from the design characteristics of DN-V and M8 tracked self-propelled gun, which can shoulder a certain limit of firepower assistance operations, and the overall technology is very general.The M8 is based on the M5 light tank and has an open structure with an armored turret. It is equipped with a short-barreled howitzer that can carry different ammunition such as grenades. It also has a 12.7mm machine gun.In actual combat, the M8 follows infantry in fire support and is as effective as the assault gun.It is worth noting that the DN-V Buffalo has been very limited in scale of development, with only a small amount of service.Compared to the M8, the Buffalo is slightly lighter and less resistant due to its reduced ammo configuration.In the 1980s, the DN-V Buffalo could not compete with other howitzers in terms of overall strength, especially the 75mm howitzer, because other armored vehicles at the time were equipped with long-barreled guns.The AML-90 4-wheeled armored vehicle, for example, is equipped with a 90mm howitzer that can effectively destroy steel armor up to 320mm, making it very powerful.There is no practical need for Mexico to equip itself with more powerful self-propelled howitzers because its primary mission is to fight drug traffickers.The DN-V Buffalo has become an indispensable piece of equipment, often participating in various military parades in the country.But what we do know is that there are few follow-on models in Mexico to replace them.