Do some subtraction with your investments this year

2022-08-03 0 By

Happy New Year, feel long time no see ~ ~ after the Spring Festival A shares opened A few days, but the performance is generally, is still “ups and downs”.Last year, the structural market was prominent, some bet on the track, the theme of the fund and investors obtained relatively considerable returns, for this year’s market forecast, the general view is still to go “structural market”, but the market will be in which sector, there is still a lack of consensus.This period of time I also investment in the past to do a simple comb, found himself bought over the years the industry funds are pretty much the only/themes, medical, food and beverage, household appliances, the hang seng science and technology, finance, real estate, war industry, Banks, building materials, agriculture, forestry and fishery, etc., but the real is lucrative returns, is a two, is more of a “faffing”.Last year, I started to “lose heart”, unless I was very firmly in the industry/theme I was determined to take.This is also my detour, to a certain extent, THERE is a “bet” mentality in it, hoping to bet on the right one or two tracks, the income directly doubled.Coincidentally, two days ago, I saw a letter from Zhang Hui to all the staff of Hui Tian Fu, which was poked at some points.Zhang Hui believes that market changes in recent years are profoundly affecting the investment and decision-making behavior of fund investors, channel sales agencies, fund managers, etc. Specific performance is (I have extracted the key points) : capital end, sales agencies and end customers are more and more keen on “flow”, that is, what fund attention is high to buy what.For example, short-term performance bright or fashionable theme funds.At the investment end, some fund managers in the industry have a trend of extreme and centralized investment, that is, betting heavily on a certain sector, which violates the basic principles of portfolio management of balanced allocation and risk diversification.Appeared on the product side, the market funds or industry a lot of themes, especially there are many very subdivision index funds fund industry theme, some have very good flow effect and short-term performance, but ignores the index of market capacity and long-term investment value, the result is often attract ordinary investors to participate in the volatile industry thematic speculation.We often say “people can earn money” within the scope of their cognitive, this sentence is generally correct, investment is also a cognitive, not understanding of an industry/theme, just to see or hear some people say that now is hot, and or see short-term performance good rushed to investment, the results tend to be the heart, high-yield, high-risk also cannot be ignored.At this point, our fund portfolio needs to be subtracted.Investors with less risk appetite can actually buy a diversified broad-based index fund, and actively managed funds can pick managers who are good at a balanced allocation style, so that the risk return is relatively safe.In terms of asset portfolio, we can try to “add” to increase asset diversity and allocate some assets in a balanced way. In addition to equity funds, we can also consider bond funds, bank finance, savings insurance, convertible bonds, etc. These assets have low correlation and can better disperse risks.I’m afraid it will be difficult for the market in 2022 to be “plain sailing”. I wish you all the best in your work and life.