How far can a cosmetics demo from “Circle Pink” go?

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“A 1.8G sample of ×× brand lipstick costs only 13.8 yuan, while a formal 3G model costs 185 yuan. It must be a better deal to buy the sample.”Wu Tong (pseudonym), a graduate student from a University in Beijing, is browsing online shopping platforms while choosing products.After several comparisons, she ended up buying samples from several well-known brands, including fairy water, foundation and lipstick.(Rule of Law Daily, February 18) The so-called cosmetic sample is often referred to as “trial sample”, which is given to consumers by merchants for new product promotion, preferential promotion and promotion. Generally, it is not specially sold.After the cosmetics samples entered the market, they quickly gained favor among young people and became “Internet celebrities”.However, at the same time, there are many fake samples, disputes and rights protection problems are also criticized.Needless to say, many young people like cosmetics samples, not only because they are cheap and good, they can get the consumption experience of big brands at a lower price, but also because the sample economy is booming among young people: they can use the sample while making a profit by resold the sample.From the point of view of market economy, demand produces market, and this is a mutually beneficial, win-win situation.However, there are certain reasons for being criticized by consumers.According to the report, many beauty makeup samples are difficult to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity, quality assurance and other problems, so that consumers are troubled.Cosmetics and skin care products, as necessities of People’s Daily life, guarantee product quality is the lifeline for the brand to grow bigger and stronger.It can be imagined that once the product quality problems, “net red” will inevitably become “net black”.In fact, many of the “pits” dug by bad businesses can be avoided.Take cosmetics samples, some brands have not officially launched samples, but there are a lot of samples in circulation on the market;Some products are officially only 5ml samples, but 10ml samples are sold in some online shops.A lot of illogical places, as long as a little thinking, a little rational, all kinds of tricks are self-evident.With the vigorous development of society today, we expect more and more new economic forms to bring dividends to the common people.But we should also be on guard against some opportunistic people who take advantage of the situation and disrupt the market ecology.Some fake and shoddy cosmetics sample, is one of the cases.Young people love small sample economy, if you want to get healthy and sustainable development, it must be the courage to scrape the bone cure poison, face the pain point, root cure the problem.For consumers, can not be “leakage” mentality to get carried away, to obtain products through formal channels, encounter violations to take the initiative to report complaints.At the same time, the brand side and the business should also strengthen management, improve the professional quality of the sales staff, to avoid the influence of the brand image because of temporary benefits.For the market regulator, it is more important to strengthen the regulation, take the initiative to crack down on fake and shoddy businesses and platforms for their circulation, and create a more standardized, orderly and healthy market environment.Only in this way, more “cosmetics samples” can have greater living space, avoid “bad money driving out good money”, and bring more dividends to the masses.(Chang An)