Looking forward to the new starting point, the first flag-raising ceremony of The new semester of Shanghai Wantong

2022-08-03 0 By

Hello, new semester spring only the primavera are your achievements as the saying goes, “a good beginning is successful start” all the teachers and students gathered in Shanghai the first week of the new semester school wantong grandly held the flag-raising ceremony on the playground in the national anthem of powerful students with a long-term vision for the new semester to open new learning quality education is a necessary part of the vocational education.On the morning of February 14th, a solemn flag-raising ceremony was held in our school.Under the eyes of the teachers and students, the flag guards walked to the flag-raising platform with vigorous steps.Accompanied by the National anthem of the People’s Republic of China, the bright five-star red flag is rising slowly against the newly born sun, flying in the sky of Shanghai Wantong. This is the “first lesson” of the new term, which is of great significance.Insist on holding the flag-raising ceremony every Monday, give students a different sense of ceremony, adhere to the patriotic education of students, pay tribute to the great motherland;Patriotic heart, responsibility in the shoulder, action in front!Learning skills, a suit of DE, pithy vocational skills and good professional quality supplement each other, weekly flag-raising ceremony, showing all the wantong students is not only a good spirit, but also reflects the Shanghai wantong rigorous doing scholarly research, take the student as the teaching concept, aims to cultivate of having both ability and political integrity, artisans contribute to cultivate a new era.As the flag-raising ceremony comes to an end, the work of the new week is officially launched. Let’s seize the day and climb the peak again in the new semester.