Tengchong police investigated two gambling cases and detained 17 people

2022-08-03 0 By

Recently, Gudong of Tengchong Public Security Bureau and Qushi police Station investigated and dealt with a gambling case each, and 17 gamblers were found, effectively purifying the social atmosphere.On February 13, the gudong police station learned in the work, area huang in the home for others to provide gambling conditions.Verification clues, police quickly rushed to the scene, will be using cards to “pickles” way of gambling 13 people seized.On February 15, The Qushi police station found someone gambling in the farmland next to the fish pond of dadi Village Committee. The police immediately summoned Pu and other four people suspected of gambling to the police station.After investigation, pu and other 4 people dined and drank in the field room and gambled with mah-jongg machine in the way of “pune”.At present, huang, Pu and other 17 people have been put under administrative detention.