The tailors of the bird kingdom

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The clothes we are wearing are so beautiful. Do you know how these beautiful clothes are made?This can be attributed to the tailors who do clothes, they use dexterous hands to give us a beautiful clothes, in fact, not only human can do tailor, in nature, there is a bird can do needlework, we do not feel a little incredible ah?Come with me to see the superb sewing skills of this bird!Southern in China, India, and southeast Asian tropical and subtropical forests of trees or bushes, often can see a petite, a long tail birds, because they will sew some plant leaf, to build a golden horn for your bird’s nest, so the people give them the very image of the name – tailorbird.Nightingales belong to the fantail warbler family, because she grows small and exquisite, lively temperament, so it is very popular.Smaller than sparrows, the long-tailed warbler’s body is about 11 centimeters long, and the tail alone is 5 to 6 centimeters long, accounting for almost half of its body.The top of the head is reddish-brown, the eyes around the eyebrows are goose yellow, the head is white, the upper body of the feathers are bright olive green, the other feathers are dull yellow-brown.It has a slender, slightly curved beak, a very sharp tip, and long, thin feet, but very powerful.How does the seamer do its needlework?Each spring, both sexes fly out in search of a mate and pair up to build nests in parks, orchards, woods, and bushes.The sawbirds first choose a nesting site.Then he’ll find the materials for his nest, and then he’ll do what he’s good at.First, choose one or two plantings such as banana, banana or wild peony leaves, and use silk, spider silk, plant fiber, or long and slender discarded threads as stitches. Then, with your long and sharp beak, you can start to thread the needle and thread.It makes holes with its beak more than ten centimeters from the edge of the leaf, and then puts the thread through the holes. It is not a loose suture, but like human beings, it makes a knot as it sews one side, then the other side, and finally makes a pocket. After building the nest, what is the follow-up work to be done?Of course, it’s not enough to just sew the nest. The work is not done.What if we know that the petioles of leaves sewn into sacks will dry and break?Don’t worry, the clever seamstress has a trick up his sleeve.He would tie the stalks to the branches of the trees to prevent the stalks from breaking and to prevent the nests from being blown away by the wind.Tailorbird is not only intelligent, but also very careful, it in order not to let the rain, also specially to the bird’s nest building has a certain slope, it was raining, the rain will flow down along the slope, of course, tailorbird will also not forget yourself and baby birds got warm and the bridal chamber, it will be around looking for hay, feathers, or plant fibers, with the mouth diao back cushion in the nest,Make the house you have worked so hard to build warm and comfortable.So when the bird’s nest is finished, and the baby is born, do you think he’s smart?Finally, let’s guess. Is the sawbird a good bird or a bad one?Needless to say, you can probably guess that such a beautiful, hard-working, intelligent, careful tailor expert must be a beneficial bird.They do a great service to nature by catching pests on flowers and branches all day long.Do you like this hard-working and clever bird?