There is no shortage of soldiers in China. Why are there so many foreigners in the PLA?

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Our country as the world’s most populous country, in conscription advantages far ahead of other countries, such as South Korea’s men in the body without major diseases and disabilities, must serve a lifetime of military service, but our country does not have such a tough requirement.Our country has extremely strict requirements on the number of soldiers. In addition to the normal quarterly recruitment every year, some of them come from military academies all over the country. Both social people and college students have the opportunity to join the army, and Chinese people are proud of being able to join the army and serve the country.Why are there so many foreigners in the ranks of the PLA?Developing countries sent professionals to learn from Our country in the early days of the founding of our country, all parts of the country are in a state of waste to be prosperous, to establish today’s brilliant, but also rely on the predecessors to feel the stones across the river, personal practice for the development of the motherland.However, after decades of wind and rain, China is far ahead of most countries in the world in both military strength and science and technology, and has become a powerful force with abundant resources.Because I have been in the rain, so I always want to hold an umbrella for others.These formal foreigners in our military are a group of people from developing countries who want to learn our technology, seek our help and send them from their own countries in the hope that Our country can help them with their training.It is also hoped that these people can learn some Chinese management and training methods in the military during the period of working in China, and then apply these methods to their own armies to improve their own military strength and soldier quality.Some countries are not willing to help these backward countries. They just want to make progress by themselves and get the most advanced weapons and power before stirring up disputes and making profits.But our country is with a broad heart, willing to extend a helping hand to them, as long as the developing countries that establish diplomatic relations with our country have the idea of learning, our country will not be stingy to teach them some progressive methods.The people sent from those countries will be arranged in some military academies and advanced teams in our country, to feel how our country is training talents in the military, and will specially greet the local academies and teams, so that we can actively help these foreign friends to integrate into the life environment more quickly in all aspects.Our country imparts to them military personnel training conditions and combat skills these foreign friends came to our troops, and the army of the PEOPLE’s Liberation Army to eat and sleep together, training together, personally feel the people’s Liberation Army soldiers are how to grow up and what kind of training to accept every day.Because in their own country, many people are even difficult to survive, there is no research on how to train them to lead troops in combat. Even though the country has basic training for the army, it does not know how to train them to be excellent soldiers, let alone master those systematic methods of combat.In the long run, in a vicious circle, they can only get weaker and weaker, watching some European and American countries continue to develop, so they look at China.China itself built its skyscrapers from nothing and has already mastered a systematic way forward. Because of its own experience of being ostracized and ridiculed, China usually comes to the aid of developing countries when they ask for help.They send people from thousands of miles to our country, and we train them and teach them how to do it, so that when they come back, they can lead our soldiers to be strong.For some countries that are making good relations with China, China will also send some talents with excellent professional skills to help train them. After a set of professional training systems are taught, the talents will be recalled, and even some advanced weapons will be sent to other countries.Our country to make all of this behavior is not at all costs, but hopes to this kind of helping each other good quality of generation after generation to generation, for example, their own to let more countries to recognize that the real power is to move forward in helping some weaker countries at the same time, rather than by war and plunder for other countries to show their strong economic decay.In the past 10 years, China has trained nearly 10,000 military personnel for Africa alone, helping Africa to make military progress to a great extent.African people are also very grateful for our helping hand, to help them, including a team called the Tanzanian Defense Force, this army has received professional training from Our country, combat effectiveness is more than a little bit better than other army.The foreign Tanzanian Defense Force is very similar to China’s PLA in terms of combat mode and fighting skills on the battlefield, and we can see the shadow of our army standing behind them.Later, the Tanzanian Defence Force was known by many as the East African Liberation Army, a term of endearment that everyone in the army was very happy with.Although these African soldiers gained formal PLA membership while learning fighting skills and militarizing systems in China, their international affiliation was African and not our PLA per se.When they finish their studies, they will return to their countries with all the knowledge to serve in Africa, so even if they get a formal establishment, it will not have any impact on our official LIBERATION Army.Only if they can make significant contributions to China and get the chance to become a member of the People’s Liberation Army can they become a member of the People’s Liberation Army. However, the probability of obtaining Chinese nationality is very small, and the conditions are the most demanding in the world.So even though there are a lot of foreign soldiers in the PLA, they are not affiliated with China. To be more precise, they should be students.We can see from this, a country only military strength, has advanced weapons, can stand in the world speak, cultural heritage is used, is used to teach us how to behave, but powerful military strength is to make us able to live in peace rise in an age of peace.