What does fish tank surface foam represent?How to solve the fish tank bubble does not burst?

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Hello, everyone, I am a small fish art, some fish friends in daily fish farming found that their fish tank surface floating up a layer of foam, and foam for a long time, DO not know what is the reason, today we have a look at why the fish tank surface floating a layer of foam?And how to solve it?Bubbles in fish tanks are actually a very common phenomenon, and bubbles are also a key to quickly distinguish the quality of water. If the bubbles generated in fish tanks rise to the surface of the water, they can quickly break and disappear, and there is no accumulation of bubbles, it shows that the water quality is still ok and relatively clean.If the foam accumulated on the surface of the water for a long time, it means that the water must contain substances such as gum, so that the surface tension of the bubble expands, even if floating to the surface of the water is not easy to break.This time you need to pay attention to your fish tank, water problems.The reason is nothing more than the following reasons.1, too much organic matter in water, filter did not keep up with the rhythm of the water feeding too much, too much organic matter is actually refers to the usual fish waste too much, or sort out the residual feed not timely, these substances in water can lead to too much organic matter in water, filtering, without a filter, which is commonly known as the water is too fat, will lead to the surface of the water bubble is not easy to scatter,Finally, they stick together and form bubbles.2, the salt or remedy to the case after the cause of bubble Some fish is sick, owners will transfer them to the fish tank, single remedy to the case, this time the fish tank is small, less water, or salt in small dissolves in the cylinder, because the cause of the drug or salt, water quality become sticky, not clear, the surface will hike up a layer of froth.3, the fish themselves secreted mucus fish will have too much mucus, fish tank protein decomposition bacteria and less, then the oxygen machine produced by the bubble will float on the surface of the water, the bubble does not burst.So what do you do with the bubbles that don’t burst?Either way, the solution is pretty much the same.First stop or reduce feeding so that the fish tank does not have residual feed.Next change the water, dilute the colloid in the water, so that the water is clear.Of course, although the next medicine or salt period, also can change water, generally change water the next day can be changed.You can also buy an oil film processor, quickly remove the gum of the water surface, while the foam is sucked away, which is conducive to the reduction of foam.In fact, as long as there is a long time of foam in the fish tank, it will inevitably cause problems in the water quality itself, which requires careful observation by fish friends.During the normal maintenance of water quality, but also regular and quantitative feeding, feeding attention should not be too much, seven or eight full.So today’s share here, interested partners can click a concern.