What’s the icing on the cake for Anna Yao’s music career?

2022-08-03 0 By

2021 birthday eve, Anna Yao announced to join the famous day shengshi become Sha Baoliang, Jike Junyi, Tan Weiwei, Jin Zhiwen, Qi Wei alliance sister, and tianhao Shengshi as music and performing arts are both large brokerage company, for Anna Yao singer road and what foamy?Start with good resources, also can’t open the company not only has its aura bonus to an old saying that interlaced, such as the hills, and the entertainment circle is held by a handful of people flow password company, brokerage firm size is also represents the amount of reserves, prosperous time day hao in the direction of the development can fathom the IP entertainer broker company, small gaps in the market differentiation,From fei-yu Chen new + youth never know Mr “dark horse” to Yao Anna “Backfire”, “the faith, hope, and ART”, different position matching of artist, the artist’s unique temperament mining acme again to show one by one, and Yao Anna himself once said Join day hao prosperity but also for the company of professional degree and degree of tacit understanding with the team.Research in the region once Yao Anna in music performance, can also feel the conceptualization of design, and compatibility with artist itself, from the debut “backfire” strong visual impact, no matter how the world to see me, I will be shinning in the dark, a firm voice full of power, a variety of formative switch and sense of science and technology of the stage,Anna Yao’s debut has left a strong impression, opening the door to her music with a fine single.Conceptualization trilogy, as a new comer, the attitude of growth is also extremely important. In “Faith · Hope ·ART”, there is a kind of “cultivation” hidden singer, this growth does not refer to the artist himself, the audience will also change, using three different melodies to convey different feelings full of the song.The use of various elements also makes the album full of modern and futuristic feeling.Song “hope”, Yao Anna in pure bass tells a start at an early age, the use of color changes increase visual richness, in the full appropriate white space at the same time, the song is “letter” to as long as believe can reach to firm their own to encourage the listener at the same time, the content of the “ART” on the basis of energy has increased by a free,In the gradual acceleration of the music melody to stimulate the heart, not only full of positive energy, but also full of Anna Yao’s youthful vitality, a sense of healing, with singing to find empathy, in empathy to encourage forward, so it is called “cultivate” album is also appropriate.Yao Anna new identity with temperature attitude conceptualization Album do blessing, day, prosperous time of this project is also at the same time of elaborate personality and stereo to introduce singer Yao Anna to everyone, to maximize improve her idiosyncratic label, play to the strengths, with tender feeling in the bass to wrap she still need to work harder, is really a high attention to the wisdom of the card.