Can a bow and arrow go supersonic?

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Generally speaking, the effective range of modern assault rifles is about 400 meters, and some of the more accurate assault rifles, effective range of 600 meters, can already be used as precision rifles.Only a professional sniper rifle with a heavy barrel can kill a human-sized target from 800 meters away with a scope.That’s because a human target 500 meters away is already smaller than a mechanical sight for most ordinary people.If you can get a good shot at this point, it’s mostly pure feel.Only a handful of far-sighted snipers can accurately kill a one-man target from 600 or even 800 meters away with pure mechanical aim.This is a major factor in why most rifles have a maximum effective range of 400 meters.In most combat situations, even mechanical sights are rarely used to shoot individual targets 300 to 400 meters away.Most of the encounters have actually taken place within 100 to 200 meters of each other.So there’s a problem here.According to the analysis of the unearthed Qin Dynasty crossbow, the bronze crossbow of the Qin Dynasty, which was drawn with feet, is believed to have an effective range of up to 800 meters, and a maximum range of up to 1,500 meters.That’s a kill range that’s almost greater than most modern assault rifles!Most assault rifle rounds today have a maximum kill range of about 1,500 meters.At further distances, such assault rifle bullets would drop to 60 meters per second or less, roughly the speed of a slingshot.A metal bullet at such a low speed can no longer cause serious damage to a human body if it does not directly hit a key part such as the unprotected head, even if it hits heavy clothing at a speed of less than 60 meters per second.So if a rifle bullet is set to be lethal at 1500 meters, it is generally believed that the speed of the bullet is still above 90 meters per second, and the bullet still has a lot of damage after hitting the human body, so it is the lethal end.The question is whether the bronze arrowhead crossbow of the Qin Dynasty, with an effective range of up to 800 meters and a maximum range of up to 1,500 meters, is exaggerating the individual killing performance of even contemporary assault rifles.Through some current real-world experiments and technical verification, it is really not particularly exaggerated.The first pre-Qin crossbow in actual combat is more than ten thousand arrows fired together, that is, like today’s rocket artillery covering a large range of targets, mainly using the projectile mode, most of the time is not used alone.Therefore, it is not surprising that the crossbow has a normal range of 800 meters.The qin crossbow’s maximum firing tension now appears to be at least 75 kilograms, or 160 pounds, the equivalent of today’s super composite crossbows.The crossbow itself is very heavy, only the arrow has more than 60 grams, if the arrow shaft and tail feather, the full weight is likely to be about 100 grams.This super crossbow, in calm conditions, can be launched in a concentrated mass over a distance of 1,000 meters, and when it is concentrated, it has a terrifying wide range of damage.A plain wooden shield would not be able to stop it;If it’s a body shot, it can go right through!If the wind is downwind, the qin bolt can be fired at a distance of 1500 meters, and its power is even more amazing!The modern crossbow, which is still used as a special warfare weapon by armies around the world, has a maximum pull of about 150 pounds and can be used within 400 meters to kill individual targets with precision and silence. Moreover, the modern crossbow is not as heavy or long as the Qin Crossbow, so it is not an exaggeration to say that the Qin Crossbow has an effective range of 800 meters.Can a crossbow shoot an arrow faster than a rifle bullet?In fact, the actual speed of most arrows is nothing compared to that of modern bullets.Few bullets in modern rifles exit at less than 700 meters per second.Most are between 750 meters per second and 850 meters per second, which is 2.5 to 3 times the speed of sound.Even a normal handgun bullet, which exits at 400 to 450 meters per second, is supersonic.However, the maximum initial speed of the arrows launched by the strongest Qin Crossbow in history and the current compound crossbow with an effective range of 400 meters are generally not more than 120 meters per second. According to the research, the highest speed of arrows in the history of the world is almost no more than 150 meters per second.A hard bow, on the other hand, shoots arrows even slower than a hard crossbow, usually at less than 100 meters per second.In today’s Olympic archery competition, the initial speed of almost all arrows is less than 70 meters per second.The fastest arrow ever shot in the history of the world, less than half the speed of sound.The main reason for the slow speed of both bows and bolts is that the conversion of pure potential energy to kinetic energy can be applied to the shaft in a process that is too short to accelerate the projectile to supersonic speeds as easily as modern gunpowder.The speed of the bolt is not high range and lethality are not small, mainly because all the arrows are long rod kinetic energy body, not only the air resistance is small, but also hit the target when the kinetic energy of long rod objects.In fact, the modern long rod armor piercing projectile is directly learned from the arrow shaft of the super penetrating ability.