Dig out a black ash industry chain from a “middleman”

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Delivery address, vehicle files, phone owner’s identity, room booking records…This personal information is being sold as a commodity by others.Recently, the Procuratorate of Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, on suspicion of violating citizens’ personal information crime, cover up, conceal the crime, according to the law to sell citizens’ personal information and other 32 defendants, currently, the case is further handling.Wang Ming and Li Wei have known each other for years.In 2019, Li Wei lost money in his business and borrowed 20,000 yuan from Wang Ming to tide him over.However, Li Wei disappeared after paying back 6,000 yuan, which made Wang Ming a little angry.With the end of the New Year approaching, Wang Ming was also a little short of money. He suddenly thought of an Internet user who often advertised that he could check other people’s room booking records, delivery information and registered vehicles.Then, Wang Ming found that netizen, show demand.The netizen sent a price list marked with various information query prices.”As long as there is a mobile phone number, the price list information can be provided for inquiry.””The netizen promised.Wang Ming was overjoyed, so he spent 800 yuan to check Li wei’s booking records, express delivery and vehicle information in one year, and soon learned Li Wei’s home address and movement track.In February 2020, Wang Ming found Li Wei and blocked him in his room through the check-in record of that day.Seeing the menacing Wang Ming, Li Wei was shocked and frightened. He called the police and asked for help.Police received a report, immediately rushed to the scene disposal.Public security investigation learned that Wang Ming was familiar with Li Wei’s whereabouts, because someone to provide inquiry services.Based on wang’s tips, the police carried out a quick investigation and soon located the suspect, Wen Zhang, who was arrested in Fujian province in March 2021. Wen confessed to the crime.Originally, wen Zhang was cheated money when doing stone business, want to buy information to find the cheater.With the help of “kind-hearted” netizens, he learned that tudou, an overseas platform, had a “snapchat” function that could trade citizens’ personal information without leaving a trace, and he was drawn into a chat group dedicated to selling the software.Looking at the people in the group can make money by selling information at home, Wen was fascinated.In 2020, Zhang Zhang’s stone business has gone from bad to worse.So he began to resell personal information.In the meantime, he acted as a “middleman”, buying citizens’ personal information on the tudou platform every day and selling it to the next company, earning the difference in price.Over the course of a few months, Zhang has accumulated a lot of contacts. He has some regular buyers and many buyers who buy information from him and sell it to others at a high price.”I usually buy the delivery information for 30 yuan and sell it for 50 yuan.An ID card information profit is about 5 yuan……In order to avoid risks, I usually collect and pay fees through Alipay password red packets.”In just a few months, the article earned 30,000 yuan from it.Wen is just a “middleman” who illegally traffics in citizens’ personal information. Who are his close friends?After receiving the case notification, yixing Procuratorate quickly intervened in advance, guided investigators to seize the mobile phones and computers involved in time, and investigated relevant important evidence one by one.At the same time, centering on the core issues such as whether citizens’ personal information is true, family relationship, and whether illegal gains are clear, 69 supplementary opinions were put forward and tracked throughout the case.According to the opinions of the procuratorial organs to supplement the evidence, the investigation organs quickly found out the upstream and downstream of the case from the point of view, and concentrated the police to Inner Mongolia, Zhejiang, Sichuan and other places to arrest them all.In August 2021, the case was transferred to the procuratorial organ for examination and prosecution.After review, the sales information of the article involved 8 “inside-ghosts” in the upstream post and express companies, communication companies and other industries, and more than 20 people in the downstream second-hand car mortgage companies, collection companies and other industries.During the comprehensive inspection and sorting out of 26 volumes of evidence in the whole case, the procurator successfully locked 2 people who had missed the transaction of citizens’ personal information and prosecuted them in accordance with the law.It is reported that the case involves 32 suspects from 15 provinces across the country, involving more than 600,000 yuan.(All characters in the article are pseudonyms) (Pei Jie wang Min, Procuratorial Daily)