Eagle experimental primary school winter vacation characteristic homework, robot, assembly!

2022-08-04 0 By

The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, so that the eyes of the world has been focused on the ice and snow event.It is worth mentioning that the “science and technology Winter Olympics” is one of the visions proposed by the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, from the first underwater robot carrying the Olympic torch to the Olympic Village inspection robot, and fully automatic smart restaurant…Robots are showing their charm to the world.Baby eagle experimental primary school lexiang youth also personally produced good-looking fun and practical robot, refueling power for the Winter Olympics!The robots gather!Lexiang youth with wisdom to create, dexterous hands and a love of the motherland sincere heart to convey the expectation of the Winter Olympics, the blessing of athletes, the dream of science and technology.Heart gathered, the dream is ready, let us xiangxiang Winter Olympics, to a snow and ice about;Build a dream future, contribute to the prosperity of the motherland!