How hard is it to win the European Golden Shoe?Only two people have done it in 25 years. Levan will be the third!

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European goalscorers are proud of winning the European Golden Boot award.And it’s not limited to the big five leagues, it’s available from all over Europe.After an unregulated period, a points system has been in place since 1996-97, with goals converted into points based on league level.For example, a goal from a player in the big five leagues can earn two points, while a goal from a national league with two teams in the Champions League can earn 1.5 points, and a goal from a national league with one team in the Champions League can earn only one point.This coefficient varies depending on the player’s transfer. For example, a player who previously played in Portugal earned 1.5 points for scoring a goal and then moved to the Premier League and earned 2 points for scoring a goal.In the 2020-21 season, there have been 25 European Golden Boot awards since the move to a points system in 1996-17. A total of 15 players have won the award, including Thierry Henry and Diego Forlan in 2004-05.The player who has won the European Golden boot more times than any other player in history is Lionel Messi with six, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo with four.Henry, Diego Forlan, Suarez and Jadre are four players who have won two.Some of the other strikers we are familiar with have almost all won once, including Lewan, Immobile, Ronaldo, Toni, Makaay, Henri clarsson and so on.It is worth noting that totti was the only midfielder to win the European Golden Boot in 2006-07 when he scored 26 goals in Serie A.In the 25-year history, only two people have won the European Golden Shoe award back-to-back.The two players are Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry.Henry was king at Highbury in his Arsenal heyday, winning the European Golden boot in 2003-04 (30 goals) and 2004-05 (25 goals, tied with Diego Forlan).Messi not only won in 2011-12 (50 goals) and 2012-13 (46), but also won three consecutive seasons in 2016-2019, scoring 37, 34 and 36 goals respectively.This is unique in the history of the European Golden Boot award!Even cristiano Ronaldo, who has won four European boots, has never won back-to-back.Levan has scored a lot of goals in recent years, but only won the European Golden Boot with 41 goals in 2020-21 last season.But levan has scored 23 goals this season, well ahead of the runner-up with 18, and looks set to become only the third player to win the European Golden Boot in a row had he not suffered an injury.