Nanjing Gaochun: A pond of good crabs wade out of the Road to Common Prosperity

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Common prosperity is the essential requirement of socialism and an important feature of Chinese-style modernization.In recent years, all localities in Jiangsu have actively explored distinctive paths to achieve common prosperity, striving to make the “cake” bigger and better, and to cut and distribute the “cake” well, so that more high-quality development fruits will benefit the people.In 2021, jiangsu, with more than 84 million permanent residents, saw its per capita disposable income reach 47,498 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.5%, and the urban-rural income ratio shrank to 2.16∶1.In this year’s interview activity, we focus on “Common prosperity, Jiangsu Trip!”.Gaochun Gucheng lakeside contiguous crab pond.”Selecting seedlings is half the battle of raising crabs.”This is the experience of wu Xiaoping, a crab farmer in Nanjing’s Gaochun district.This is what he has been working on in the days before the Spring Festival, “the most important thing we have right now.”Speaking of crab farming in Gaochun, xing Qingsong, a National People’s Congress delegate and local leader in getting rich, has to be mentioned.After leaving the army in 1992, he gave up his golden job at a bank and returned to his hometown of Goseong Lake to work as a crab farmer.In 2010, Xing Qingsong led the establishment of Jiangsu Gucheng Lake Qingsong Fisheries Professional Cooperative Association, which has developed membership of 3,218 households and led more than 100,000 farmers to steadily increase their income.Wu Xiaoping is the first group of members, currently contracted more than 500 acres of crab pond.Speaking of the changes before and after joining the club, Lao Wu became interested.”Self-employed people work alone. They have to worry about selling crabs, not to mention the small farming area.After joining the association, the breeding area increased, the management was standardized, and the output and prices increased.”Wu Xiaoping gushed: “Take the crab seedlings, now one mu crab pond can put thousands of crab seedlings, the survival rate is much higher than before.”Data show that the crab culture area in Gaochun District has been stable at more than 200,000 mu for 20 consecutive years, and the local crab has become one of the six major origin areas of crab (river crab) culture in China. The brand of Gucheng Lake crab is also becoming increasingly popular.”If we do our competitive industries well, we can get rich together.”Xing qingsong told People’s Daily online that the joint crab farmers netted about 20,000 yuan per mu last year.The crab farmer is sorting seedlings.Local crab industry chain there is also a hotshot Zhang Minglong, he focuses on online sales of crabs.Eight years ago, Zhang minglong established gaochun District Agricultural products Association, began to introduce brand services, e-commerce training, to help villagers open online stores, that year the online sales of crabs exceeded 4 million yuan.At the Goseong Lake Crab market, Zhang minglong showed the “three sizes” of Goseong Lake crabs. “We strictly control the quality of crabs. The origin code, traceability code and logistics code are all in one, so that people can buy authentic Goseong Lake crabs.”He also revealed plans to select and cultivate 500 “crab inspectors” from experienced crab farmers in 2022 to serve as gatekeepers for crab quality.How crabs are deeply processed is a new subject for Xing Qingsong to consider.Looking at the upcoming release of a cage of crab seedlings, he seemed to see the members of the golden autumn season of harvest.From a single crab, to the crab as a medium to pull the development of more than 20 industries such as seedling cultivation, aquatic plant cultivation, e-commerce, business travel, catering services, gaochun common people to become rich is more and more broad.Wang Yantao, director of agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Gaochun District, said that the local government will continue to explore the mode of “farmers + cooperatives + leading enterprises”, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and trademark authorization around the construction of public brand of “Gucheng Lake crab” area, and lead farmers to walk the road of common prosperity.