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Seven laws • written in the countdown to the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games ~ poem to her daughter cool cool Zhang Huihua Xia Ling cold torch bear, Beijing and Zhang cloud curtain cover the sky.Fifth ring like gathering iceberg make, double Olympics invite snow rainbow.Track next day by tiger jump, MEDALS hang on god attack.Swing xuanyuan zhi, dream flag sing datong.Seven law • for daughter cool Beijing Winter Olympics broadcast venues practice Zhang Hui wuhuan yingying flag Yang, the mission of proud snow.The director shakes the screen to shock the network, broadcasts the casting and auspicious casting.Board fly own panshan road, tiger jump sky riding cloth beam.Warriors in front of the stage to help dream smile, high qing laurel hanging.Fu Yingjia welcomes the torch spring, the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Friends of the four seas in the potential warrior, under the five ring flag.Cold days yi Yi mountains and rivers game, artificial snow and ice bright and shining.The event civilization dissolve the competition, together push the friendship to the stage.Congratulations to Fu Ying, the champion of Chinese women’s football team, in her bid for gold in the Winter Olympics.The national anthem is played at the place where the national flag is raised.Glorious rose love by dream, heroic women coagulate heart.For Iran to win the championship huanhuaxia, renowned throughout China, poured.Seven laws • View of Chinese men and women Asian Football games have feelings wang Darong women win strong army to comfort the people, men lose the spirit of weakness.Incompetent potential good final tears, aspiring bureau dangerous deflection wheel.Bitter fruit leads to edge embroider leg, gold medal obtains by hardships.Who will be the champion in football?Only my Han family frequentinquires!Gu Ailing wang Darong resigned from the United States to serve his country in the winter Olympics in his hometown.Dazzle dance hong dazzle, skateboard chardonia sky.Superior skills and xian technology exhibition, famous kua unique reputation.The four and a half turns out to be a young man.Zhou Yishu Beijing Winter Olympics with spring, snow flying flowers bloom.Short track elite meet opponents, silver slope yong will meet talent.The mountains are full of smoke and clouds.A total of five ring flags more yan, to win the beautiful platform.Seven laws • Winter Olympics Yin Wan Xiwen opened the age of The Colorful Ring, The Chinese famous passion burning.Pine welcome visitors sincere, ling Cheng jiao body warriors first.Ten thousand pay ice knife plow music, one thousand snowboard skiing new chapter.Adhering to the green pier pier smile, double will allow the flame to pass.The opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games guan Aiqin love burning the flame what wonderful, grand event at my leisure.More than happy eight party guests, a few surprised hexagonal snow Ying open.Five rings arm break the ice, the four seas concentric to the future.Hand in hand to round the dream of the Winter Olympics, fighting for victory step Yaotai.The Bird’s Nest is jubilant again today, super beautiful unsurpassed and dominating the screen.Haohao Xiangyun shengshi, floating jade rui send peace.Ice altar please eight guests, the Olympic Games invite four sea breeze.World renowned Chinese praise, golden news of spring sound.Qiliu · Hegu Ailing won the gold medal in the ski big jump. Jin Genliang won the snow and ice big jump.Inside and outside the Great Wall gather men, children clear girl back.High – flying purple swallow, jump wave dance golden cup.Valiant round dream at the beginning, win glory for the country exclusive kui.Note: exclusive kui refers to fill the gap in China’s ski jump competition.Qilu • Welcome winter Odin zhensheng spring back flame yao Beijing and Zhang, double Olympic city in the world.Together to the future to add scenery, find the feast forever.Snow mountain fold dance thousand peak laugh, ice road gallop five color makeup.Continue to write legend chasing dream far, silver championship spectrum new chapter.At the beginning of the year of the Tiger, He praised Beijing and Zhang for opening the Olympic Flame.Crystal hall ice crystal jian Yao, Jade mountain slide jade Longxiang.Strive for new beauty, better structure, faster and higher snow king.Look forward to the five continents heroes will celebrate the glory of the earth village.Seven laws • Chant winter Olympics too clear colorful ring reflected age huang, Beijing Winter Olympics country prestige.Spring breeze beckons guests, ice and snow concentric arena.Warriors like eagles fly wings dance, athletes like yan chased yunxiang.The United States huan jing Tianyu, Huaxia fighting for the long cast sword peak.Tang Xiaoping celebrated the opening of the Winter Olympics, and Beijing embraced the blooming face.Scenery event suction eyes, snow and ice talent poly five rings.Challenge peak all-out fight, attack extremely climb hard.The competition makes friends, the torch is handed down to the world.Seven laws • Praise Beijing Winter Olympics ning Xihai Beijing torch passion, Olympic elite smile yan.Snow sand field god brave, cold track zhigang strong.Competition laurel hand in hand, pick gold medal dare to stand shoulder to shoulder.Chinese shengwei culture can, shang Shu dating etiquette first.Liu Guoping will come to Beijing and Zhangjiakou in spring, competing with the elite of 100 countries.Jade Mountain continuous flying snow swallow, crystal pool yi yi dance ice king.Quietly watch the soft beauty of the girl, enjoy children and men fast and strong.Set an unprecedented grand ceremony, the first double Olympic city.Zhang Runzhou Jingzhang Earth five rings hung, bright fireworks reflected night sky.Friends from all over the world to participate in the Olympic Games, kyushu athletes association.Galloping snow ridge such as eagle dance, round the ice pool like yan Pian.Dream gold medal blunt achievement, the world stands at the peak.Li Jinhong Sheng Reed powder ink to welcome the Winter Olympics, splendid red flag into Jade Hall.Unusual fireworks spring yan, special fire intelligence strong peak.Iceberg with bi silver wrapped, butterfly linked iron horse ang.Dream song in the snow sky, blue sky and stars flying far away.• Bai Fuming, the Asian Women’s Champion of the Chinese women’s football team, is jumping for joy on the silver screen.Half behind the concerted effort, dream for the first guo Xiong.Adventure is not surprised with ambition, Ling Xu frequency shot to build qigong.Feng fei high sky roar, female elite a red.The winter Olympic Games open on the beginning of Spring (new rhyme) Juan Qin spring soak up the sky, the wind and gas from xuan.Welcome to the Winter Olympics, a festive round of five continents.The sun and the moon compete for glory, mei LAN competes douyan.Poetic surplus rui ye, Xueyun Fu Hua.Wang Zhenjiang (Dalian) boarded the high platform if leisurely, flying in the clouds.Once sweat know how much, get a proud reputation.Liu Yinan (Hunan) dragon dragon, tiger jump sky sky, Double Olympic Jinghua outstanding standard.Elite of all nations compete together, flowers for good children.Liu Yinan (Hunan) is pursuing her dream with difficult steps and developing beauty.Steady win with the heart, win the gold also.China’s Zhou Yishu won the gold medal in the 2000-meter mixed team short-track relay.Now China out of hero, gas cover mountains and rivers around the world.Seven unique • Beijing Winter Olympic Games opening Jin Genliang magnificent east wind to the face, under the flag gathered talents.Beijing is amazing.Four sea athletes peach face open.Seven wonders • Wu Wenwei’s women’s Asian Cup victory has dawned.Lingfeng out of the plug dare, chest shenbing jie sac.Visitors from all over the world gather in Beijing to enjoy the winter Olympics in spring.Opening brilliant colorful, five rings of ice broken people surprised.Congratulations to Luo Zhengming for winning the Asian Women’s Football Championship.Women heroic posture more colorful, sonorous champion male.Seven unique • Winter Olympics women’s ski big jump Gu Ailing reversal received gold praise Bai Fuming women surprised the world, ski jumping exhibition Kunpeng.Chinese women more excellent, the reversal of the golden valley love Ling.Wang Zhenjiang (Dalian) The four seas sing high wind, integrity through the sky.The five rings are like a rainbow.In spring, happy reunion.Yanshan foot, Ying Xiang Yan dance, competitive showdown.Glacier snow waves are more leisurely.Civilization will, knot heart with.Man Tingfang • Beijing Winter Olympics (new rhyme) Sun Minjie snow and ice, silver flowers and fire trees, Beijing Winter Olympics prevailing.100 countries participating, sincere welcome.Regardless of the color of a person, and the highest, the same treatment.Hand in hand, singing and dancing, working for peace.Zhuang zai, MY Yudian, cutting-edge technology, the world is surprised.Take a new journey and bathe in the spring breeze.Unity, qi struggle, tiantian qing.The road to a strong country is a long and arduous one, which all depends on the wisdom of the Party.The air is fresh and the winter Olympic gold is flying.Snow and ice dragon tiger teng, the holy fire note.Jade road broken cold branches, purple Swallow for spring road.Competitive ice and snow will be a peaceful place.• Beijing Winter Olympics wu Wenwei winter Olympics, winter Olympics, the torch flag yao.With the fluttering spring breeze, snow and ice can recognize handsome men.Joon, joon, tiger-leaping dragon.Xijiang Month • Winter Olympics praise bear fire root xin Yanshan ice and snow, hanging fly yanling silver eagle.The fifth ring under the set of new stars, overlapping national anthem.Chinese garden spring tender, eight party generals Zhang Rong.See the truth in the competition, the spirit of the Winter Olympics reflect.Congratulations to China’s Asian Women’s Cup champion Guan Aiqin.Rushed out of Asia to win the championship, zhuang xin reward.Join hands, fight together, pursue together.A rare hard work, historical merit stay.Gu Ailing ding Zhensheng jumped to fame around the world.Juan Ya Jiao zi, flying snow lingyun.Not for fame and wealth.The skill is difficult and wonderful.Beyond today’s millions.The heavens are terrified and the earth rejoices.The charm of the five rings is renowned, the achievements are crowned, and the beauty is enchanting.Partridge day • Praise China women’s football Asian Football championship ning Xihai women’s heroic shake the field, beautiful and famous.The football world gallops the sound magnificence, the Olympic Games fights overbearing.Green fields, lyric long.Delicate and open to the heart.The five rings to interpret the dream reward China, the tripling national chang.Home of veterans Responsible Editor: Dream Wake Braid hair: Iron friend