When things got out of hand, the United States suddenly asked China to help persuade Putin, and The Chinese responded with sheer force

2022-08-04 0 By

Under the hype of some Western forces and media, the Russia-Ukraine issue has reached an “out of control” point. The attention is too high, and the influence of every decision made by both Sides has been infinitely amplified. It can be said that the situation has been driven to a point of “no solution”.The key to effectively easing the tension between Russia and Ukraine is for some external forces to stop interfering and give Russia and Ukraine more pure communication environment.Obviously, as one of the “certain external forces”, the United States does not intend to withdraw from the “group chat” on the Russia-Ukraine issue, and even set a date for Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. Many American media have spread the news that Russia will “invade” Ukraine on February 16.However, recent statements by some US officials show that the US is in a very awkward position on the Russia-Ukraine issue.First, the US deputy Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland, has been dubbed “lady Booted shoes” by the international press for her inappropriate dress at an international meeting.She recently called on China to use its influence with Russia to resolve the Ukraine issue.It is strange that China was suddenly brought into the center of the Russia-Ukraine issue, and that the US ambassador to the UN also spoke at the UN Security Council, asking China to persuade Russia to do the “right thing”.By implication, all the demands and actions that Russia is doing for its own strategic security are “wrong things” in the EYES of the United States?You are so arrogant in America!Some US officials suddenly appealed to China to persuade Putin’s move, but also revealed two completely different signals, the first is that the US can not let China alone, is planning to use public opinion to “kidnap” China into the Russia-Ukraine dispute.The other is that the US has spent so much on Russia and Ukraine, with so little to show for it, that it needs China to step in and let the US off the hook.While the Chinese statement did not give us face, nor into the “set” in the United States, China’s ambassador to the United Nations on behalf of the response, said: the Chinese attitude to Ukraine problem has always been clear, is hope all parties to stop hype tensions to Ukraine, all disputes shall be resolved through diplomatic channels, Russia’s reasonable concerns about security level, the parties should be solved carefully.As a matter of fact, China has matched words with deeds as a major country should, accorded full respect and space to Russia and Ukraine, and never interfered in other countries’ internal affairs.On the contrary, the United States, pretending to be “extremely concerned about the safety of Ukraine”, advised the United States not to act as a “world policeman”. If it could manage itself properly, the world would be at peace.