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Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is here again.Are you alone this year?As early as last week, a blogger commented that “Valentine’s Day is heating up”. Even cafes are tepid with romance.Today, “Valentine’s Day confession” also appeared on the hot list of B website, “Winter Olympic couple athletes” is also on the list.To tell you the truth, the couple next door to Xiaohongshu have already started to learn the couples pose, waiting for valentine’s Day to send pictures of “dog abuse”.Learning about photo poses is nothing new in Xiaohongshu, but if you take a closer look, you will find that “couples’ photo poses” and “girlfriends’ photo poses” are two major categories, and two key words can hold up half of the topic.The topic “couples pose” has garnered 170 million page views so far.Many of the related notes have achieved remarkable results in terms of traffic. Among them, “Slowly Dragging” and “Orange Corn Burning” have received 37,000 and 30,000 likes respectively.Under the hashtag “couple poses,” couples are trying every trick in the book to make their relationship look sweet: subtle without being romantic, affectionate without being greasy.At the end of the day, it’s all about the sense of propriety. Most importantly, if these photos need to be posted on moments or other social media apps, it’s important to be unconventional.With 170 million page views, the first step in xiaohongbook bloggers’ unconventional poses is to learn how to photoshop.According to observation, xiaohongshu’s couple photo poses can be divided into the following types:1) type photography tutorial tutorial here refers to photography, is a serious knowledge teaching, including how to composition, cutout, how to choose filter based on the requirements, after entering the App parameters such as how to adjust the contrast, in order to let the tutorial enough “lazy people”, to get started will, many bloggers will directly mark using specific software and adjusting parameters,For readers to “copy homework”.Common post-production software include VSCO, Xingtu, Yitian Camera, Meitu Xiuxiu, etc. You never know how hard the couples in your circle of friends will work for a set of exquisite photos showing their love.In fact, each photo has slightly different lighting, parameters (such as contrast), and movements. Although there are traces of color palette, not all photos can be directly applied to the parameter template.The most referential notes of this kind are probably photographic compositions of various shapes and colors.A blogger named White Clouds and Black Earth wrote in his profile that he would update one photo pose every day for 100 days.At present, “White Cloud and Black Earth” has continuously updated several groups of “couples photo pose”, each note is presented in the form of stick figure in the first picture to describe the action, left slide the second picture to take a photo demonstration, as shown below:There aren’t many comments on content in the comments section, but it tends to attract a large number of couples, who engage in lively conversations about meeting times, the difficulty of posing for photos and their desire for a family together.In a few words, delineate the various aspects of contemporary couples — some are talking about a long-distance relationship, some are imagining their future small family, and some have not found a partner, but can “spend fifty to hire a man” to accompany her to take……One thing about photos of social Bullies is that they test the photographer’s flexibility, like this one from blogger ‘Koppo’.With the help of a park bench handstand, arm strength and waist strength are both needed. Yoga blogger “Miso” also rode on the road to take photos of the sand sculpture couples. Every photo can be a new joke on the Internet.In addition, objects in life can be used as props to take photos at any time, such as the following photos taken by blogger “Huierbabe” :The parking lot mirror, which started with potato chips, can also take photos of social nihilia with novel poses and often hilarious pictures. It not only shows love but also conveys joy, killing two birds with one stone, but also makes people happy and raises sex. It can be said that it is an interesting condiment in love.3) This is the type of pose that has the highest concentration of traditional sweet love and makes people want to say “I want to fall in love”.Such photos without his posture, is ambiguous, close to perfection, with a friend or family member can not fully implemented, such as blogger “mosquitoes son -” this photo: boyfriend qualified lip printing arm such as “drag” xu again this photo: before such as this one: “orange corn burn” “orange corn burn” also for the picture with a very match copy:”Again to take the mirror will be scold ah” “but I really like” “like what” “like you” because of the sweet index is too high, netizens directly to “come and kill my tribute to the eldest brother eldest sister-in-law” this article reviews the buzz on the top of the first, also has a single comment “hope can be finished before menopause” “join my bucket list”.4) Creative interactive couples take too many photos. How can they attract attention without some flower work?However, many bloggers began to use the handy photoshop tools to achieve cross-screen interaction through stickers and puzzles.”Dragging and dragging” is an interactive way for couples to take pictures while out on a trip, as well as long distance couples.The blogger said in the copy, “We can take photos in different places.” If you are embarrassed to take a flamboyant video, you can also try to express your love in this way.Is there a big enough market for couples’ content?How to liquidate?At Xiaohongshu, the motif of couples’ photo poses, “Taking photos,” has about 20.8 million notes.On Douyin, the topic has racked up 30.4 billion views;On Kuaishou, videos on the same topic have been viewed 6.75 billion times.A photograph is often born under the guidance of the photographer, who needs to tell the photographer how to place their hands, where to look, how to lean their body, whether their feet should be flat or side……However, not everyone is able to adapt to the shooting mode of communicating with photographers all the time. In this trend, some first – and second-tier cities have also emerged self-service photo studios, which enjoy the photography equipment and photo editing services of the studio, but can take selfies as they wish.At a self-service photo studio in Shanghai, the staff will give customers tips on how to take photos before taking them, critics said.From the point of view of hardware, our mobile phones have evolved from keypad to full screen, from 4G memory to 1TB maximum memory, from one camera to two, and then from two to three. The pixels of mobile phones are getting higher and higher, so people need more and more storage space.Technological progress has made mobile phones no longer just a means of communication, but also the most frequently used camera.Compared to offline photo studios, online photography programs are flexible, interesting and inexpensive, and for those who don’t have high standards for clarity and post-quality, mobile phones can meet all the needs.If “delicacy” is a part of xiaohongshu field, then the subsequent extension of “photo pose”, “Valentine’s Day copywriting”, are the seedlings in the field.In real life, some people will search the couple’s photo pose in xiaohongshu during a date to make themselves look more interesting in the group photo, while others will search xiaohongshu for copywriting suitable for Valentine’s Day in wechat moments to make themselves look chic and cultured.The new list has been mentioned in the article that photography and camera vertical category is more popular, usually these two types of accounts: first, the blogger appearance level can play, by good-looking fire out of the circle;Two, dry goods tutorial, by practical cause attention.If you only rely on the appearance level, it is easy to meet the inner roll and ceiling, and it is a test of natural aptitude and P map skills, and the risk of rolling over, and the flexibility of the dry goods tutorial is slightly greater, through the photos to convey emotion and atmosphere, the requirements of the appearance level of the blogger is not harsh.In share couple photo pose content account, have special teaching photo blogger, couples blogger, also have to wear take a blogger, they carry on brand advertising can include digital products, beauty skin care, clothes, shoes and accessories, these products usually appear as props in the image, to achieve the effect of advertising and notes on the body of one integrated mass.”07 students” cooperation with vivo, advertising content is displayed in the lower left corner “pig” quietly and clothing brand FILA cooperation at the same time, there is also a part of the photo studio and independent photographer To open accounts in the little red book, borrow photographed this valentine’s day hot spots, through high quality guest drainage offline, such accounts are often will emphasize the phone can’t touch of simple sense,Such as “film”, “photo”, “movie sense” and so on.As long as the notes remain on the platform, there is a chance of attracting new customers.The new red data (the little red book data platform https://xh.newrank.cn/ under the new list) shows that the number of fans of such bloggers is between 10,000 and 100,000, and a few bloggers only have thousands of fans or more than 300,000 fans.The median quotation is about 5500 yuan.If you’re a couple blogger or cameraman yourself, the couple pose is a great testing ground for content.Copyable and easy to copy, the resulting hit content is likely to lead to a more sustained long tail of traffic — click on the topic of “couples pose,” and many of the notes are from the bloggers’ creations in 2021 and 2020, but they’re still at the top of the page.In addition, the application of the couple photo pose is too wide: in the circle of friends “official” he fell in love, and the object together for New Year’s Day/New Year/Tanabata/Valentine’s Day /520, and the object together to travel/weekend/dinner……On social media, popular couples bloggers may change over time, but couples content itself has a long-term market demand and vitality.