Dusty war plans: Canada attacks the United States, the Soviet Union nukes Western Europe, the Nazis take over Japan

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Sun Tzu said, a soldier must not neglect the affairs of the state, the place of death and life, and the way of life and death.A country must be prepared for any situation, because war may break out at any time, and it is necessary to be fully prepared in order to nip it in the bud.Every country in the world probably has its own secret plan in case of a war with its neighbor or enemy or its closest neighbor.But sometimes these plans are not kept secret.Some of the information was leaked to the media.These plans may seem crazy today, but any one of them could have become a part of history if the trajectory of that year had changed slightly.For a time during World War II, the United States was not entirely sure which side it would take in The war.Fearing that Britain might declare war on them, the United States planned a preemptive attack and made plans to invade Canada.It’s a little confusing, but the logic goes like this.The United States believed that if Britain decided to attack the United States, it would try to station troops in Canada.The United States would not allow this to happen, so a preemptive strike was planned — to occupy Canada first.The American goal was to capture Halifax so that the British could not use it as a port.To do this quickly, the United States had planned to drop gas bombs on cities.The next target is Niagara Falls, and the power plant built on top of it.Then a full-scale invasion began, during which American forces would move through Quebec and Winnipeg to capture nickel mines in western Ontario.In the meantime, the fleet will sail south to Jamaica, the Bahamas and Bermuda.The United States assumed that after the occupation of British America, Britain would demand peace talks.The only fear was that Canada might declare neutrality and withdraw from the war.If that happens, the US does not intend to make Canada that cheap.The US will demand that Canada give up their ports and part of their territory.Otherwise, just start drying.Canada plans to invade US It may seem crazy that the US is planning to invade Canada, but the reality is even crazier.Canada had its own secret plan to invade the United States, and it even predated the United States.As early as 1921, Canada was worried about a possible American attack.To that end, Canada, like the United States, is prepared to take a pre-emptive strike.Canada even sent many spies to spy all over the United States, looking for vulnerable places.In fact, Canada had enough points to know it could not beat the United States and never thought of beating it.Just wanted to drag out the war long enough for The British to get involved.The plan was to send troops to the West Coast. At the same time, Albany would be captured. The Navy would take Maine.The plan was to invade American territory, then wait for the Americans to react, then retreat, leaving scorched earth behind.All factories and farms, Bridges and railways will be destroyed.Buy time for the Allies to arrive.The Canadians expected to have many Allies in the event of war.Japan, France and Mexico will side with Canada because, in their view, each of these countries has a reason to take on the United States.If history had changed a bit, the Cold War would not have been cold.It would be a disaster for the planet.The United States used to be the only country with nuclear weapons and plans to use them.The United States had at least nine separate plans for the nuclear destruction of the Soviet Union.One of the most extreme would be a surprise bombing of 200 Soviet targets with 300 nuclear bombs, followed by a massive ground invasion and then an end to the war.The U.S. government even set a date for implementation: January 1, 1957.The plan was abandoned only when the Soviet atomic bomb was first tested.Had the Soviet Union not acquired nuclear weapons, the United States would probably have launched the program, turning the Soviet Union into a radioactive wasteland.After all, the countries that actually used the atomic bomb, the ruthless, have never been subjected to anyone.4. Seven Days on the Rhine: The Soviet Union’s Northern Hemisphere war plan Sure, the Soviet Union had plans of its own.There may be more to these plans than we know, but the plan passed in 1979 has become public knowledge and, if it comes to pass, will trigger World War III.The plan was based, oddly enough, on NATO’s first nuclear strike on Poland.Some people think it’s just to justify the rest of the lie.Anyway, this is a plan to hit NATO countries.Plans to drop atomic bombs on targets in West Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.Ground forces would then occupy the whole of Europe, up to the Rhine.Heavy casualties are expected.The Soviet command believed that Prague and Warsaw would be destroyed by a nuclear strike.It was predicted that over two million Poles would die within seven days and a new world war would begin.Nazi Germany’s plan to invade Japan Nazi Germany never believed that their alliance with Japan would last.It was a marriage of convenience, and when the war was over, it would have to be broken up.Hitler warned his generals that “sooner or later there will be a battle between the white man and the yellow man.”He thinks it is likely to happen in the distant future, perhaps 100 years after peace with Japan.However, they must be prepared for it.Himmler was ordered to prepare the SS for war.What worried him most was that the Germans would become calm and weak in peacetime.His soldiers, he believed, should be hardened and iron-willed, ready for ruthless ethnic annihilation, while those who showed weakness should be sent to the “cold winter” of Siberia.However, the main requirement for victory is sufficient effective forces.For decades, Germans will have to breed “like in a botanical garden” and increase their numbers as much as possible.Hitler predicted that Japan would have more than a billion people by then.Germany’s population must match.As a permanent neutral country, Switzerland has not always been confident of its entirely peaceful policies.The war was considered repeatedly, and in 1940 Switzerland almost did.At that time, Switzerland predicted that it would be completely surrounded by the Axis forces, and had to seriously consider the possibility of being the only isolated country.The Swiss anticipated a possible invasion by axis forces and began to prepare for it.The Swiss withdrew all their troops from the border and moved them to the Alps, where they built a series of mountain forts and bunkers in preparation for an invasion.They have also carried out exercises to replicate battles in neighbouring countries.They did everything possible to let potential invaders know that invading Switzerland would not be easy.This is not persecution paranoia.The Nazis had a secret plan called Operation Tannenbaum, which the Swiss suspected.For Hitler, Switzerland was “a pimple on the face of Europe”.If the war had not been reversed, the Nazis would have invaded Switzerland – and the Alpine troops would have had to put into practice what they had learned in training.7. Turkey’s Plan to invade Syria Most of the plans described in this article were made a long time ago, but that doesn’t mean countries don’t have new plans now. Each country is just trying to keep new plans secret, after all, they were once top secret.However, leaks have sometimes occurred, such as when Turkey’s plans to invade Syria were broadcast on YouTube in 2014.In the recording, the Turkish minister theorized that terrorists could seize the tomb of Suleyman Shah, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.One minister said the attacks “should be seen as our opportunity”.In the event of a terrorist attack, Turkey would have an excuse to send troops into Syria to start and end the war.Turkey’s intelligence chief, Hakan Fidan, went further.He promised that if terrorists did not strike, he would send one.”If need be, I will send four Syrians,” Feidan promised.”Legitimacy is not an issue.Can create legitimacy.”Between 2010 and 2012, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak met at least three times to discuss plans to invade Iran.It might have done so if gabi Ashkenazi, the head of the Israel Defence Forces, had not stopped them.Three recordings were leaked online, showing Mr Netanyahu and Mr Barak discussing their plans.It was decided to do so back in 2010, but they needed to persuade ministers to back military action.Ashkenazi, however, won them over with an impassioned speech about Lives to Be Lost.That has not, however, made Mr Netanyahu and Mr Barak abandon their plans altogether.In 2012, the old case was resurrected, and this time the United States seemed ready to support it.They even conducted joint military exercises in preparation for an invasion of Iran, but for unknown reasons they were abandoned.9. Project A119: US Plan to Destroy the Moon In 1959, the US decided that invading countries on Earth was not enough.They decided to destroy the moon.The plan was designed as a scientific experiment to intimidate the Soviet Union.Scientists began calculating how to organize the explosion so that it would be clearly visible from Earth — believing that the Soviet Union would collapse in fear when the United States “pinched” a piece of the moon.[Tears] (moon: you he yao this is kill chicken to monkey see advanced version bai!Thankfully, the US eventually abandoned the plan because someone managed to convince the military that radioactive contamination of the moon would plunge the US into public opinion.Yet the US came very close to achieving this goal.Renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan was even hired to develop a secret plan to destroy the moon.If they do, the Americans will destroy the moon before they get there.[Tears] (Moon: Do some personnel!)10. U.S. vs. U.S. War plans, yes, you read that right!In the first half of the 20th century, the US made plans to go to war with every country on earth, including itself.Known as the white War Plan, it was designed to suppress “internal unrest” — or, in other words, a second civil war.At the time, unionized workers across the country were fighting for workers’ rights, and the U.S. government feared it would escalate into a communist revolution.The “White War Project” was a plan to combat what politicians called a “radical left uprising.”The corps of Engineers took over all public services, the Navy protected military equipment, and the army calmed people and tried to restore order.In Pennsylvania, meanwhile, a secret police force will be formed to monitor troublemakers and stop them in time.Even authorized the killing of American civilians in an emergency.The plan was revised many times over time.The latest plan, leaked to the media, is for us troops to fight blacks who want to defend their civil rights.