It took them three years to resurrect the game

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If bytedance had not acquired Mugtong Technology last year, the name of “mugtong” could only be heard in the game circle for a long time to come.Last year, Pupil Technology did a really good job.Mobile Legends Adventure (MLA) is back to life after a major overhaul.MLA launched in Japan in June and quickly topped the free charts there, and has remained in the Top 30 on the App Store.Today, “MLA” in South Korea, Taiwan are ranked in the local best-selling list of about 30.According to the list of Chinese mobile game manufacturers going abroad in November released by Sensor Tower, MLA ranked Top 30.Sensor Tower tells the game teahouse that the Top 30 threshold is $12 million in monthly revenue.What may be less well known is that MLA’s numbers weren’t great when it first launched, and it went through a long period of decline.But bathe pupil did not give up, spent as long as 3 years time burnish game, make the game finally dish alive, became bathe pupil another trademark product.Isaac CAI, head of global distribution for MLA, told the game teahouse that the game now has seven to eight times as many users as it did in its early days.The Game Tea House recently sat down with Isaac to talk about the story behind the global launch of MLA, and here are some of the things that impressed the game Tea House.The initial launch did not get off to a good start. The CEO and his team worked together to launch MLA in Southeast Asia for 19 years. However, the initial data were not good, and the team fell into a trough for a long time.Fortunately, the company believes that the team has no problems and is willing to continue to invest resources and give the team time to adjust and learn.Justin Yuan, CEO of Mutongyi, has always encouraged the team to take a long-term and patient attitude to face difficulties during this period.Yuan Jing believed that she had not considered properly when the project was set up, that the project was pushed forward a little fast, and that she was also responsible for the poor initial data, but the team as a whole had no major problems.This seems to be relatively rare in the industry.MLA is not titled Mobile Legends in East Asia, but Akasha Chronicle: Dawn In Japan, Revelation of Dawn in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and Symphony of Epic in Korea.Isaac said that Mobile Legends is not well recognized in the local market, and mugyi is pragmatic in its pursuit of good market performance, so it chose a more local name to make it easier for local players to recognize.What’s good for an IP is having a lot of content that people like to play.Q: Mu Pupil is still relatively low-key. “MLA” achieved very good results last year. Can you introduce it a little bit?A: There are A lot of companies that are doing better than us, so I think we should use “harvest” to talk about MLA’s launch.MLA was actually a 2019 product, but the launch numbers weren’t great, and it had a long slump.Fortunately, the RESEARCH and development team patiently polished and adjusted, and finally realized the performance reversal, and the data kept rising last year.In Japan and South Korea, have won the top free list, and into the forefront of the best-selling list.Q: Just talking about the low point, MLA’s early numbers were not good, can you tell us about that number?A: In terms of the number of users, MLA is now seven or eight times what it was.When we started MLA, we were thinking simple.On the one hand, the company wanted to continue to develop the Mobile Legends IP, on the other hand, there were some real commercial considerations.It was thought that Mobile Legends Bang Bang (MLBB) was popular in many countries, so making a Mobile Legends IP would be popular too.So he decided to make MLA.But it turned out that MLBB and MLA had a very different audience.MLBB is a competitive mobile game, while MLA is a numerical card, and there is a big difference in consumer spending habits between the two.MLA might have been a bit of a problem at first, so we decided to commercialize numerical cards instead of focusing on numerical enhancement and role-playing.In markets where Mobile Legends has a strong presence, there may be less acceptance of numerical cards.So we reoriented to launch globally and focus on mature markets.MLA recently promoted SSR hero Q: It should be very difficult to get out of the initial trough, right?A: Justin, the CEO of the company, gave the team A lot of support during this period. He encouraged the team to take A long-term view of difficulties.In addition, Justin believes that he is responsible for his poor consideration when setting up the game project and a bad start. On the whole, there is no big problem for the team.So the company continued to invest in MLA, giving the team room to adjust and learn.There was a steady stream of positive card results, and we were convinced that MLA was headed in the right direction. It was the positioning and launch strategy that needed to change.Fortunately, MLA lived up to expectations and became competitive in the market after adjustments.We also invested more resources on the launch side, including some regions that were not launched, to help the product perform better.MLA’s ability to pull out of the trough and perform well in 2021, I think, is the result of long accumulation and final flowering, which reflects the company’s long-term approach to talent and products.Q: I observed that MLA did not use the title Of Mobile Legends in the Japanese and Korean markets. Are you worried about the inconsistency of IP brands?A: We believe that an IP is an IP only when it has certain recognition in A certain region. Otherwise, it cannot be called an IP.Mugtong is actually a pragmatic company. Since Mobile Legends IP is not well recognized in Japan and Korea, we tend to pursue the market performance of our products.From this point of view, I think it’s a good choice to give the game a name that is better recognized by local users and better localized.What’s good for an IP is to have a lot of content that players love.MLA has the same worldview as MLBB, with a lot of the same characters.This commonality and the value of long-term extension will be evident when we launch future products with Mobile Legends IP.In fact, there are a lot of products with different names under the IP system in China, right?Q: What changes have you made to your publishing strategy from Southeast Asia to Europe and the US to Japan and Korea?A: The original MLA launch strategy in Southeast Asia was around IP, and MLBB gave some resources to help MLA acquire IP users.With the adjustment of products, we increased our investment in The European and American markets by May to June 2020.Start from the purchase volume, to verify the adjustment of the product and our idea is right.In fact, from this point on, “MLA” water began to slowly improve.By 2021, MLA had a high level of maturity.On the publishing side, we also keep learning from the industry experience, believing that there is an opportunity to acquire a larger number of users in a concentrated outbreak, so we adopted the “quality and effect integration” approach to enter the Japanese and Korean markets.Q: Apart from the name changes, what other localization efforts have you done in Japan and Korea?A: First of all, we made major changes to the game to make it more acceptable to Asian users.As a matter of fact, we are not making the game two-dimensional. MLA’s current vertical drawing style has a certain universality in the world, and our adjustments have been accepted in Europe and the United States.If you’ve played any of our games, you know that MLA is not a quadratic card.Another is to do a localized hero design.In Japan, we joined “Amaterasu”, a high-level hero based on Japanese culture design, and launched the service promotion activities;In South Korea, we join hwang Jini, a famous geisha in local history.A lot of resources went into setting that up.In terms of local marketing, in Japan, we make the main visual packaging according to the style of local users, which does seem to be a little bit more two-dimensional.TVCM script ideas are also more like Japanese dramas.In Korea, we take the fantasy epic route and create a high end feel.Do graphic design is also, did a version of the more advanced design, and is very fine hand-painted style.TVCM is the same, we chose The South Korean film star Kwon Sang-woo to promote the game around kwon sang-woo’s past works.So far, so good.The end result was to tailor some hits to local pop culture and wrap the game’s selling points around them.Q: MLA is still undergoing a lot of adjustment. Is it a big pressure on the r&d team?A: Yes, they are still under A lot of pressure.I remember that it was in the middle or late February last year that the decision was made to adjust the standing painting, and it was officially started in March.Our game is in Japan in early June, only three months in between.And we added a lot of things, including the opening animation, some plot content.That’s a lot of development for three months.They were good, too. They did a good job.The collaboration between r&d and distribution is emphasized in the interior of pupil mu.Our publishing team will focus on in-depth cooperation with r&d to ensure good communication and coordination and guarantee mutual recognition.Q: MLA has basically covered the mainstream market overseas, do you have any plans for Chinese service in the future?A: There are A lot of factors to consider right now. We will be patient and hopeful.Q: In addition to MOBA and card categories, does Mugtong have other product reserves?A: In the past year or two, you can still see the transformation of the pupil.In the future strategy, mu Pupil also hopes to open up the track.We also hope to have new breakthroughs in the future, so there will definitely be other categories to try and reserve.Our new card game is in development.Q: Chinese manufacturers have done well in mature markets overseas in the past year or two.In addition to improving the quality of the game, what other abilities does Isaac see improving?A: One is the improvement of our ability to initiate projects.Our project capability is becoming stronger and more advanced.In addition to developing its own insights, it also adds more logic collection and information collection to improve the acceptance of the product in the user end.Second, it has deepened the understanding of regional culture.Step over the pit more, there will be more accumulation.The third is the improvement of resource acquisition ability of manufacturers.The overseas performance of Chinese manufacturers in recent years is obvious to all, which helps us to obtain better resources, such as bigger IP, better distribution suppliers and so on. Even the poaching, cooperation and acquisition of overseas talents are actually resources.Fourth, the overall quality of practitioners is improved.My own experience is quite obvious. From the beginning of my career to now, I can obviously feel that the comprehensive quality of my colleagues is constantly improving, regardless of their educational background, work efficiency and executive ability.This will help us a lot in attacking overseas markets.Fifth, we will work in a more scientific way.For example, r&d and distribution should include more research, larger testing, more sand table calculations, and more advanced data analysis models in product development.All the above are constantly deepening our work meticulousness and improving the success rate.Q: There will definitely be more vendors targeting mature markets overseas this year. What advice does Isaac have for them?A: It’s also expensive to break into mature markets.My own idea is to prioritize things and do the right things with a reasonable budget.Publishers don’t want all users and should focus their resources on getting the most suitable users first.Some areas are actually light to do these users can have a very good performance, there is a chance to do broken circle.I think it’s easier for the product to go into a positive cycle.The other thing I still think is long-term.Industry trends show that barriers to competition are rising.If you want to do well in a category or market that you are not so good at, I think it takes years of commitment and patience.