Three to give birth to four children, she fought to give birth to children, has nothing to do with love

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My sister has high blood pressure and is still a twin. She made an appointment with the hospital in Zhengzhou in advance, but because of the epidemic, she did not come.The day before yesterday, she gave birth in a local hospital, and the baby was sent to an incubator. The adult is still in ICU with excessive bleeding. My mother has been accompanying me in the hospital and told me the news yesterday when she was out of danger.My first thought was: This time, she can finally seal her belly.It’s a long story about my sister, and it breaks my mother’s heart.We used to live in a rented house, she went to school, I went to work, she graduated and we worked together.Until one day: always clever sensible she left without saying goodbye, alone, follow the man back to his small town.I almost vomited blood that day, even if the whole family objected, it was no use, hundreds of kilometers away from home just for love…Back then, she was really innocent, and I was innocent.She simply thinks that as long as there is true love, no matter how hard, no matter how hard, no matter how tired, it is worth it.I simply thought that her stubbornness was bound to hurt her, and we were both wrong.Marriage needs love as the foundation, but ultimately “living”.The couple had been married for seven years without children to make ends meet.Wait until you want to find how can not conceive.This just remembered to go to the hospital examination, did not think of this one is more than ten years.To want a child, taste all kinds of human examination found that the original is the woman’s side of the fallopian tube impossibility, ran dredging treatment, not less suffering, also not less by some private hospital cheat, before and after spent tens of thousands of yuan also useless, or finally find a big hospital to do test tube, three times to give birth to a daughter.Earlier techniques, unlike today’s oral ones, required continuous intramuscular injections to maintain hormonal balance: needles in the butt, arms and stomach.Just began to run a hospital every day, and then look for the doctor of the clinic to inject, are not very convenient, so I learned to inject with the hospital nurse, get up early every day to give her a shot, I go to work again.Since I married late and was single at that time, and the hospital was not far from my home, she lived with me until she was stable and returned to her home.It was worth it to see her suffer so much over the years, to finally have a child of her own.When the baby was born, her husband immediately took it in his hands and said excitedly, “My little baby, oh dear!Hundreds of thousands of mine.”From a poor boy to have millions of assets, husband and wife are also boil out, but have no children became a heart disease, his man every day to burn incense worship Buddha said, as long as god give him a child, this life is satisfied.Unfortunately, human nature is always greedy.How is it possible to have a child?Although he loves his daughter very much, he never stops wanting both of them.My sister, who was either in the hospital or on her way to the hospital, gave birth to her second son when she was more than four years old, and her second son was more than six years old. She gave birth to a pair of twin sons, not including two miscarriages.They were all caesarean births, and they were covered in bruises.Really, not many women can endure such torture.For example, my daughter was born and then dealt with the one-child certificate, the pain of giving birth, I will never forget.As the saying goes, “Having a child once at death’s door” is true.As relatives, we can only watch her fight again and again, but there is nothing we can do.I’ve said what I should and shouldn’t have said, and it’s no use.Later also put down, after all: everyone has their own life, have their own choice, as in those days she left without saying goodbye, go so absolutely.I can only wish her a speedy recovery, after all, there are four children to raise, the road ahead, and all this has nothing to do with love.