Liu Xuezhou’s fate of the war, perhaps from the “Ding Jing” name is doomed!

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Liu Xuezhou’s short life, full of turbulence and miserable, should be the age of sunshine youth, but suffered so much shouldn’t have pressure and pain, resulting in his final life into despair, a sigh!His real name, Ding Jing, was sold to his adoptive parents at the Datong Hotel in Shanxi Province shortly after his birth for a profit of more than 20,000 yuan. It is said that ding’s father could not afford the bride price, so he made the decision.Thus, he left the embrace of his parents, alone in this world wanders, like duckweed weed, helpless.If his adoptive parents had not both died in an accident when he was four, he might have received some protection and support, but fate did not give him that opportunity.From then on, he grew up being called a “wild child” by his classmates, bullied and humiliated at school, looked down upon for not dressing well, and no one knew how many dark moments the child had gone through.However, the child’s academic performance is very good, because grandma, grandpa told him: your parents are gone, you have to be good, to study hard, the future will be promising!So he studied hard, no matter how difficult the circumstances were.But at the same time, his personality is becoming more and more silent and closed, he said, “It is not easy for the old man to raise me, I will hide my troubles in my heart!”Therefore, when he went to primary school, he was beaten black and blue by his classmates. He only dared to tell grandma that he fell down accidentally when he went home.When I was in junior high school, I was molested by a male teacher, so I suffered from depression. He did not tell his grandmother, but he took the medicine for depression when he was supposed to be a young sunshine boy.This child, experienced the fate of the storm, but no one can help, no one can talk, he is more and more silent, because he is no parents of the child, for the fate of the ravage, he can do only silently “bear”!He looked very “precocious”, but these “precocious” are after the fate of the crush.Liu did well in junior high school, was president of the student union and was selected as one of the candidates for the “Top 10 People who Touched Campus” contest.However, his junior high school principal “can not tolerate him”, afraid of his depression in the school accident, so he can only go to secondary school.But he still study hard, want to be admitted to undergraduate course, hope to let grandma “take the admission notice said I did not raise in vain”, let grandma be proud of him!But grandma never made it to that day!The purpose that Liu Xuezhou seeks close, it is to want to cast off to entangle him for many years “wild child” label, additional, foster parents home is already a ruin, he that has grown up needs a place of shelter.This was seriously dissatisfied with his biological parents, his mother screened him, his father said he “set up packaging, sell miserably successful, the network beggar”.According to liu xuezhou’s friend, Liu Xuezhou saw this sentence, cried for a long time, in the eyes of his friends, liu Xuezhou has always been a patient rarely shed tears, but this time, he could not bear any more, he finally decided to take up legal weapons to Sue his biological parents.Now, Liu Xuezhou died under the heavy burden of fate, so that many people for his tragic fate cover their faces and cry.Liu Xuezhou’s fate of the war, perhaps from the “Ding Jing” renamed is doomed, “tiger poison does not eat children”, Liu Xuezhou’s biological parents, you really owe children too much!This article is original, the picture comes from the network, invade delete!