The fields are busy when spring ploughing is good

2022-08-06 0 By

Farmers are tidying up their seedling mother fields.Chengdu, April 8 (People’s Daily Online by Huangfu Yulong) Since April, the temperature has gradually risen, and the preparation for spring ploughing has entered a critical period.In mianyang, Sichuan province, farmers are busy ploughing fields, sorting out “seedling mother fields”, picking mushrooms, picking lotus roots, a busy scene.The farmers are busy ploughing the fields.Farmers are busy ploughing their fields.Farmers are raising rice seedlings in the fields.Huangfu Yulong photo farmers raising rice seedlings in a field.Farmers are raising rice seedlings in the fields.Farmers pick lotus roots.Farmers transport freshly picked lotus roots.Farmers are picking vegetable sprouts.Farmers are busy picking mushrooms.Farmers are picking asparagus.Farmers scramble to collect cabbages in the vegetable field.Photo by Huangfu Yulong