Jiang an: the relay race of life all work together to rescue drowning children

2022-08-07 0 By

On February 16, in the county district of donghu Peninsula community, two children in the community landscape lake play accidentally fell into the water, in a critical moment, all the efforts to rescue drowning children.Engaged in hair near the monitor can be seen on the video, 16, 16 o ‘clock in the afternoon, two boys at the lake slopes has slipped into the water, one of the boys themselves slowly to the shore, and another boy squarely in the lake in the secondary pumping water, one or two minutes of time, children will sink to the bottom, situation is very critical.Just work in the community security guard captain zhaoyun, heard someone call for help, hurried to the scene, but I did not see a drowning child figure, on the shore children is pointed out that after the water point, zhaoyun launching search fruit quickly, another security guard Dong Zhihui rushed to, plus a warm-hearted residents, three people and rescued the children.The child was in shock when he was rescued from the water for so long.Hearing the news, the community with granddaughter retired doctor MAO Ming opened quickly ran over, rescue the child.MAO Mingkai said: “the child was saved, but the mouth was white, I quickly knelt down, give him CPR, artificial respiration, according to more than ten times, after he blinked, my heart would like to have been saved, I will continue to do CPR, while the child cried out.”When they heard the baby crying, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. Then the two security guards who jumped into the water let go of their heavy stones and felt the winter chill.”At that time I didn’t think about whether it was cold or not. After the child was rescued, I felt extremely cold and soaked all over. I just left.MAO Mingkai told reporters that the child was saved back, very happy, as a Communist party member, medical staff at this time, should come forward.It took only a few minutes for MAO mingkai, Zhao Yun, Dong Zhihui and the unnamed residents to save a life and a whole family, and everyone praised them for their actions.At present, the child is hospitalized and is in good condition.Source | jiang, anxian county, combines media center reporter | zheng jie playing Huang Simin Liu Yunru (internship) to edit | Wei Wei coordinating editor | kitta Zheng-wei wang producer | Yang Tie