Which is true of Liu Bei’s identity as “han clan” or “uncle”?

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There are different opinions on the history of The Three Kingdoms.There has always been a saying that liu Bei called himself The Jing King of Zhongshan Liu Sheng because Liu Sheng had more than 120 children. After two or three hundred years of inheritance from the Western Han Dynasty to the Eastern Han Dynasty, the children were everywhere, which was difficult to study, so it was difficult to be found out by pretending to be liu Bei’s “han clan” and “uncle” identity was very suspicious!Will analyze liu Bei’s identity reliability today.Of course, I noted the title, is historical, not explore romance novel, bar fine don’t disturb.First, ancestors can be checked.Chen Shou is very careful about the origins of The Three Kingdoms, and will note some uncertain questions.For example, in the Inverse Biography of Sun Baolu, he wrote about Sun Jian’s origin like this: “Sun Jian styled Wentai, wujun Fuchun, after Sun Wu.”The word “cover” means “probably”, which means he is not sure.But the description of Liu Bei Chen Shou very clearly wrote that “my father’s surname was Liu, only Bei, the word xuande, Zhuojun Zhuoxian, Han Jingdi son zhongshan Jing Wang Sheng also” that he was very sure of Liu Bei’s identity.Visible, at least Liu Bei’s bloodline is at least han dynasty, historical materials can be examined.Second, paternity check.”The Annals of The Three Kingdoms · Ancestral Biography” records, “ancestral master Zu Xiong, father Hong, shi Shi Zhou county.Male lift xiaolian, official to east county fan Ling.””Shi Shi zhou county” shows that Liu Bei’s ancestors had been officials for generations, because most of the officials in the Eastern Han dynasty were monopolized by various families, such as Yuan Shao, the fourth and third duke.Liu Bei’s grandfather, Liu Xiong, was a local official in the county, and his father, Liu Hong, died early or was not in good operation.Third, recognition of the circle of friends.As a result, most of the peers were familiar with each other and the circle of friends was limited to the local clan. For example, Cao Cao and Yuan Shao grew up as children.Liu Bei was a disciple of Gongsun Zan and studied under lu Zhi, a great scholar. Gongsun Zan was originally an aristocrat in Western Liaoning province, so why would he play with Liu Bei when he was young if his status was not equal to that of Lu Zhi, a great scholar and not an ordinary person who could attend lectures?When Liu Bei launched his army, he relied entirely on the support of zhang Shiping and Su Shuang, two of zhongshan’s tycoons, who also depended on the local elite’s foundation.If Liu Bei has no background, he will not be funded.Fourth, the recognition of zongmen.Liu Bei had come into contact with many han family relatives all the way. When he was young, he had come into contact with Liu Yu, who was in charge of the genealogy of the royal family. Liu Yu did not question Liu Bei’s identity.Of course, Han Xian emperor worship uncle is fabricated in the romance, but the emperor has received Liu Bei, the temple and the current zong Is Liu Ai, have not questioned the identity of Liu Bei, down and out also had met with the authentic Han clan liu Biao Liu Zhang, visible at least Liu Bei’s royal blood is right.Fifth, recognition of the enemy.Tough if dong zhuo also to resemble the fostering of a little emperors, lean if cao cao is also a most were to the emperor, because at the time of the han legitimacy unshakable, if liu bei identity false first jump will be Wei Wu on both sides, this is an excellent opportunity to suppress opponents, but sun cao two respectfully acknowledged that liu bei’s status.Because it is too easy to identify, Liu Bei’s hometown chohsien was on the cao Wei’s turf, ask his fellow countryman directly on the line, Lu Zhi’s son Lu Yu also held office under the Cao Wei’s account, if the identity has different early revealed.Sixth, rural recognition.The reflection, ancestral records, “youth, home, and all children under the tree in the play”, at a young age with the same play with his friend is very normal, because at that time most of consanguinity live together in a village or town, if liu bei as false, need the person taking out risks common to pretend to be the city of royal clan, this probability will not appear.At least we have confirmed liu Bei’s royal lineage, but is he “uncle”?In the whole book of Annals of The Three Kingdoms, there is no mention of Liu Bei as “uncle liu”, and emperor Xian’s visit to Liu Is even a fiction of romance. Emperor Xian of Han never gave Liu Bei any special clan status in history.Probably liu2 huang2 shu2 this name in the song and yuan period began to appear in the folklore, drama, romance of The Three Kingdoms of important reference book, which the reflection “of yuan dynasty, liu bei has also been portrayed as anyway, this is probably” liu2 huang2 shu2 “in historical origin, more is luo guanzhong wanted to underscore the legitimacy of liu bei.Therefore, Liu Bei’s han clan identity should be true, the identity of the royal uncle is probably false.