A-level Exam Syllabus update!The duration and the score have changed?

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No matter which exam, the test outline is crucial, because most of the questions come from it. If you want to get a good result in the exam, it is essential to read the test outline before preparing for the exam and be familiar with the major knowledge points.When we were browsing the websites of various examination boards, we found an update of the examination syllabus of an important subject.From next year, there will be A new syllabus for economics at A-level, many of which are quite different from this year’s syllabus.What is the difference between the old and new CAIE syllabus?After comparing the new and old exams, we find that the changes are mainly concentrated in Paper2 and Paper4.?The examination time of Paper2 is increased from 1.5 hours to 2 hours;?Increased score and weight of Paper2: increased from 40 points to 60 points, and the proportion of total score increased from 30% to 33%.?The examination time of Paper4 is reduced from 2 hours and 15 minutes to 2 hours;?The score value and weight of Paper4 decrease from 70 to 60, and the proportion of total score decreases from 35% to 33%.Paper1 and Paper3 have not changed much in general, and the proportion of score weight has been slightly adjusted.Then what are the changes of Paper2 and Paper4?We found the official sample paper to give you a brief look.In the previous A-level preparation, the Essay part of Paper2 was one of the three choices, while the Essay part of the new syllabus is divided into two sections: Section B and Section C.Each section contains two questions, one of which is B or C.The Essay section of Paper4Paper4 is also changed into two sections, Section B and Section C. Just like Paper 2, students choose one of them to answer.In addition to essays, multiple choice questions and Data Response have not been updated much.Students or according to the current plan to prepare for the test.