Because Excel on my computer is automatically converted to WPS, the license expires, so I can’t do any work

2022-08-08 0 By

Glum today (February 10), a work in the busy making statements, but do not bottom go to, because my computer inside Excel version of the low, some high version can’t open, I installed WPS again, so you can open the high version of Excel, but now there was a problem, and the WPS me the authorization to use limited.Now I can open the WPS file, but I can only look at it but can’t edit it. I can’t convert EXCEL, and I can’t make tables. I asked the personnel in charge of the system to install WPS for me again, but I still can’t edit it.There is no way to use it. The key problem is that as soon as MY computer comes out, Excel files are automatically saved to WPS for me. I can’t convert Excel, so I can’t use it.Just now I found a computer engineer, he told me the way is still not good, he now can not come to my unit, he said later to me a long distance, see if I can solve, now what also can not do!Wait!!!!