Changchun Hafu M6 hot selling, the highest discount 6.95%

2022-08-08 0 By

Busy work, make you tired, it is time to reward yourself, Jilin Changxing Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD store feedback customers big price, 03.28-03.28, Hafo M6 limited time special 6.95%, reward their struggle,From March 28, 2022 to March 28, 2022 Hafo M6 latest quotation Model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price preferential range Changchun quotation PLUS 1.5T DCT luxury intelligent type 87,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 82,900 yuan PLUS 1.5TDCT Elite smart link model 81,900 yuan PLUS 1.5T Manual luxury smart link model 77,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 72,900 yuan PLUS 1.5T manual elite smart link model 71,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 66,900 yuan PLUS 1.5TDCT Distinguished intelligent link model 92,900 yuan PLUS 1.5T DCT Willow rock co-branded version 89,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 84,900 yuan PLUS 1.5T Manual Willow rock co-branded version 79,900 yuan 0.500 yuan 74,900 yuan PLUS 1.5TManual comfortable model 7600 yuan 0.500 yuan 7100 yuan PLUS 1.5T DCT comfortable model 8600 yuan 0.500 yuan 8100 yuan