Hequ County people’s Armed forces to carry out support for the army to send Spring Festival couplets

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Hequ News News (Miao Xiang) Gaogai country spring song, xi sent the military and people fish and water situation.In order to carry forward the glorious tradition of military support and meritorious service, and create a social trend of advocating soldiers, from January 28 to 29, the People’s Armed Forces department of Hequ County carried out the “Spring Festival couplets praise military brigade, blessing to home” activity, for my county currently serving in the border and coastal defense and other active military families to write Spring Festival couplets, to send them care and blessing on the army.On the morning of the 28th, Hequ County people’s Armed Forces department invited zhang Ruixin and Zhang Zhijian, members of the county calligrapher and painter association, to the cultural activity room of the Armed Forces Department. They wrote nearly 100 Spring Festival couplets and the word “fu”, which are full of high respect and sincere blessing to contemporary soldiers.Li Xiangang, head of the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces of Hequ County, visited some families of active border and coastal defense servicemen with gifts of condolence and Spring Festival couplets on April 29.At each household, Li xiangang sent the Chinese character “Fu” in red to the family members, sent them New Year’s greetings, and talked with them to learn about their work, life and health.He said that it is with these republic soldiers who are willing to devote their youth, take root in the barracks, and stationed in the four sides of the motherland, that the current peaceful and prosperous times, please rest assured that the Party and the government has always attached great importance to the active military and their families, will timely help them to coordinate and solve the difficulties in work and life.While expressing their gratitude, the military families also felt the pride and pride of being a military family of the Republic, saying that they will continue to support and encourage the soldiers to serve in the army.During the visit, the Ministry of Human Resources and Armed Forces sent the care of the troops to the hearts of the families of the border and coastal defense officers and soldiers, allowing them to see the respect and care of the whole society for the soldiers and their families, and further enhance the sense of honor of the families of the active soldiers.The People’s Armed Forces Department of Hequ County launched a campaign to send military couplets during the Spring Festival