A piece of honest writing spring and Autumn: The general political commissar of the Red Four Front Army Chen Changhao, ups and downs of life

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On August 21, 1980, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a grand memorial service for Chen Changhao in Babaoshan. The eulogy reads: “Comrade Chen Changhao is an excellent member of the Communist Party of China and a loyal proletarian revolutionary soldier.His life is a revolutionary life, loyal to the Party and the people!”On this day, thirteen years have passed since Chen Changhao passed away…In October 1936, the Western route Army of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army, jointly formed by the first red Front army and the fourth Red Front Army, crossed the Yellow River under the order of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission.In the last more than 5 months of fighting, the Western Route Army alone deep into the Hexi corridor, fu Corpses filled with snow, bloody struggle, in the history of China’s revolutionary war to write a heroic tragic chapter!The west route army defeat, Chen Changhao and Xu Qianqian rate of more than 20 guards outstanding after the siege, day fu night, fighting and walking, several times encountered Ma Jijun cavalry blocked, are lucky to escape.In the line to a called “horse camp son” village, Chen Changhao fell ill, fever for several days, can not continue to move forward, had to temporarily live in the village……Seriously ill Chen Changhao insisted that Xu Qianqian go first, don’t take care of yourself, he asked Xu Qianqian to return to Yan ‘an as soon as possible to report to the Party central Committee of the West Route Army campaign, he is temporarily left in the home, to be better after going to Yan ‘an.Xu Qianqian helpless, had to take the guards to go first, before leaving Chen Changhao three guards and a bag of silver.Then they trudged along the Qilian Mountains and gobi Desert, and finally met the western aid troops sent by the central government in Pingliang, Gansu province, led by Liu Bocheng, and finally returned safely to Yan ‘an.And Chen Changhao on his deathbed, reasoning that if back to yanan, now this situation is “live up to his elders”, after a fierce ideological struggle, the package he leave xiangqian silver dollar among the three guards, let them to return to yanan, himself in recover after returned to the hubei province yingshan county, this is the old revolutionary base red fourth-front armies in the past,Chen Changhao intends to lift the red flag again here, pull up a revolutionary team again, and create a revolutionary base area again.But times have changed and Yingshan county is no longer what it was then.From the red four front army to give up hubei Yu Anhui base into sichuan, kuomintang army occupied here, wantonly suppress the revolutionary masses, slaughter red army family members, under a piece of white terror, Chen Changhao wants to rely on one person to rebuild the desire of a team.Helpless, finally had to return to Yan ‘an.In the summer of 1937, although Zhang Guotao was still in the Political Bureau and also served as the acting chairman of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia border region government, zhang Guotao was no longer the great leader of the Red Fourth Front Army.One day, while hunting in the Wanhua Mountain a few miles southwest of Yan ‘an city, Zhang Guotao and his guards came across an ancient temple. Behind the temple there were several caves beside a pool of clear water.Later, he asked the central government to move to this place.The central government agreed to Zhang Guotao’s request, and sent people to clean the holes and install the doors and Windows. In front of the ruined temple, a vegetable plot was opened for him to use.From then on, Chang Kuo-tao lived here all summer.And Chen Changhao also just returned to Yan ‘an soon after, Chen Changhao did not see Zhang Guotao in the central organs resident, after inquiry, Chen Changhao ignored the hardships of trekking, he rode out of the city at night, night visit Zhang Guotao.As a colleague for many years, deep feelings of the old comrain-in-arms, old partner, if this is someone else to do, it would have been beyond reproach, but this happened in the West Route Army defeat soon, and Chen Changhao has been delayed before, now just returned but continued to visit Zhang Guotao, this is unavoidably disputable…Soon, some of the rumors against Chen Changhao began to fly.But At this time Chen Changhao has no time to take care of these, he reported to the central government for several days in detail the whole process of the Western Route Army from the campaign to the failure, and will be delayed to return to the organization frankly explained, and then quietly waiting for the organization to assign their work.In waiting for the assignment of more than two months, Chen Changhao wrote a tens of thousands of words “on the Failure of the Western Route Army report”, in this report, Chen Changhao had the courage to assume responsibility, a large part of the reasons for the failure of the Western Route Army are attributed to himself, and sincerely to the central request punishment.Work assignment big accident, complaint or regret to fulfill his duties due to the marked rout Chen Changhao much, all kinds of small assembly meeting, as long as the harrowing experience possible self criticism and self-criticism, over time, this kind of honest, responsibility of the positive attitude to his work assignment problem unexpectedly counterproductive.A few months later, the assignment order came down and he was told to report to the Publicity department of the Yan ‘an County Party Committee, but he was not appointed to any position, just an ordinary cadre.This job allocation is to have punitive nature, for this, the central worry that Chen Changhao will have conflicting emotions, Zhang Wentian also specially in Chen Changhao before reporting for duty, want to do some ideological work for Chen Changhao.Shuanzhi, Chen Changhao received the order of work distribution happily said that as long as it is revolutionary work, as long as it is for the party and the people to do things, he does not care about the position.It’s gold! It glows wherever you throw it!Chen Changhao took office happily. He had been to university in Wuhan and had eaten foreign bread in Moscow. He was well educated, able to write, eloquent and well equipped with profound knowledge of Marxism-Leninism.Only half a year time, yan ‘an county party committee of the entire party propaganda work made vivid.Soon, because of the excellent talents, Chen Changhao was transferred to the central authorities, as a publicity division section chief, international publicity division section chief of propaganda department of the central committee of the communist party of China, and marxism-leninism, the anti-japanese military and political university, northern shaanxi college institute of three schools of political instructor, in yanan the entire party propaganda and the party enjoys a high reputation and prestige education work.In the propaganda of Yan ‘an, both the local newspapers in Yan ‘an and the editorials broadcast by Xinhua News Agency to the whole country, Chen changhao carried many articles promoting the party’s theory and encouraging the whole people to fight against Japan.He participated in the compilation of “introduction to Social Science”, “modern World revolution history” two monographs, chairman kang tou often placed one of the books.However, at this time just 32 years old Chen Changhao but because of perennial war suffering, fell a body sickness, from the end of 1938, his body day by day……On August 27, 1939, with the approval of the central government, Chen Changhao took a special plane sent by the Kuomintang party to Yan ‘an, which was specially sent by the Military committee of the Nationalist government to pick up Zhou Enlai, who fell off a horse and injured his arm, and flew to the Soviet Union for medical treatment.Chen Changhao boarded the plane and began his 13-year journey to The Soviet Union.When the Soviet-German war broke out in 1941, Chan was first evacuated to a central Asian town called Kokanga.In this small town, no one knew that he was the leader of one of the three main forces of the Chinese Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army. He and many other Chinese who stayed in the Soviet Union were assigned to work in the quarry or the factory, finishing the overload tasks every day.In the winter of 1942, the People’s Foreign Affairs Committee of the Soviet Government issued a paper transfer order, Chen Changhao put on military uniform and went to Moscow to become a comintern soldier to fight against the German fascist invaders.In 1943, when comintern was dissolved, Chen changhao was assigned to the Soviet Bureau of Foreign Literature and National Culture publishing as a translator. His translated works “History of Modern World Revolution” and “Russian-Chinese Dictionary” were published successively in the Soviet Union.After the surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, Chen wrote to the Central government to apply for returning to China to participate in the liberation war.For some reason, many Chinese comrades, including Li Lisan, who was in the Soviet Union with Chen changhao, were approved by the central government to return home and actively participate in the magnificent liberation war, but Chen Changhao did not receive any instructions.During this period, Chen continued to work as a translator in Moscow and wrote to the central government many times asking for his return to China.Until the end of 1951, Chen Changhao finally received a reply, the central government approved him to return to China to participate in the construction of new China.In the spring of 1952, Chen Changhao boarded the international train from Moscow to Beijing. When the train arrived in Beijing, Liu Shaoqi and other leaders, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee, greeted him at the station, which made Chen Changhao feel happy and warm after 13 years away from his motherland.To welcome The return of Chen Changhao, always very low-key Xu Qianqian made an exception for the family dinner, and invited Wang Shusheng, Ni Zhiliang, Li Xiannian, Zhou Chunquan, Wang Hongkun, Fu Zhong, Hong Xuezhi, Wang Jianan, Zhan Caifang and other more than 10 old comrades in the Red Army in Beijing for the old head of the original.During the banquet, although Chen Changhao frequently toasted, but everywhere shows the abjection phase.Talking about the past, although the language is more restrained, but tears in his eyes, voice choked, always forced to smile, respectfully and his former army commanders, teachers one hand to apologize, make all the present generals feel sad and embarrassed……After returning to China, Chen changhao was appointed deputy director of the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, working for more than ten years without complaining.Whenever his former subordinates came to his knees, He said, I made a terrible mistake, and I feel sorry for my comrades.During the Long March, I opposed the northward march and supported the southward march. Tens of thousands of soldiers climbed two snow-capped mountains and three crossed grasslands, causing irreparable losses to the revolution.When we marched west across the River, only a few hundred of the 20,000 Red Army soldiers came back alive, and I was mainly responsible…”Time came to 1966, the special era of Chen Changhao inevitably suffered the wrong treatment.On July 30, 1967, Chan chang-ho chose to leave this world at the age of 61.The wheel of history will always return to the right path, on August 21, 1980, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a grand memorial service for Chen Changhao in Babaoshan, gave a high evaluation of Chen Changhao, praised Chen Changhao’s life is a revolutionary life, is loyal to the party and the people’s life!