Big belly woman Peng Xi-mei: cancer was abandoned by her husband, now through adversity, became the mother of 3 children

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“Doctor, I am pregnant for 12 months, how has the child not yet born?””You don’t have a baby inside you. It’s a big tumor and it’s getting worse.”Peng ximei has been pregnant for a year and still has no sign of giving birth.Can’t wait for her husband to take her to the hospital to do a check, thought just gave birth to the child late, did not expect this sudden accident is like a bolt from the blue, for a time Peng Ximei leng in place, some at a loss.The tumor?Deterioration?Although Peng had never been to school, she knew it was not a good omen.Then the doctor’s words will Peng Ximei into the cold valley floor.The doctor found peng Ximei has a huge ovarian cyst through instrument examination, because there has been no treatment, there has been a lot of water, deteriorated into cancer, recommend Peng Ximei immediately hospitalized, otherwise there will be life danger.Peng Ximei’s husband listened to the doctor’s words, his face suddenly black down, pointing to Peng Ximei shouted: “useless things, give birth to a son can not come out, but also get sick, want you what use?”Not waiting for Peng Xi-mei to speak, he turned and left in anger.Peng Ximei crying with her husband behind, also left the hospital, leaving the doctor in the office helpless shaking his head and sighing.More chilling is, Peng Ximei just walked to the door, her husband and in-laws will Peng Ximei’s clothes packed and thrown out, while throwing also scold, “get out, after we have nothing to do with you this home.”Then he slammed the door behind him.Suffering from serious illness, abandoned by the family peng Ximei should be what to do?Does she have a chance?Suffering from disease, abandoned by the family disheartened Peng Xi-mei how did not expect, former bed husband and get along with a few years of in-laws will be so unfeeling.After they got married, she kept her place and tried her best to be a good wife.She took care of her in-laws, did laundry and cooked for them, and never complained.After two years of marriage, because there is no child, she has encountered the eyes of her parents, both in the light and in the dark sarcasm that she is a hen that does not lay eggs.Peng Xi-mei not only quarrel with the old man, but feel remorse and guilt.Mother-in-law sun xinqiu, I do not know where to get the folk medicine, forced Peng Ximei to drink, said to drink immediately will be pregnant child.Peng Ximei in order to let the old mother-in-law early grandchild, no matter what medicine she brought, will obediently drink.A few months later, Peng Ximei’s stomach really had a reaction, day by day up.But Peng Ximei will often feel pain in the stomach, and sometimes the pain is severe, even the waist is not straight up.She told her mother-in-law about her condition and asked to go to the hospital for a check-up.But the mother-in-law thinks Peng Ximei is a fuss, check too waste of money, it is ordinary fetal movement, the fetus is kicking the stomach, the stomach will hurt, of course, this shows that the child is very healthy in the stomach.Peng Ximei dare not violate her mother-in-law, can only endure the pain, breaking fingers a day, expect the child can be born as soon as possible.The whole family is ready to welcome the baby.Ten months, eleven months, twelve months passed, and still no sign of the baby inside.Isn’t peng Ximei pregnant with a child?Her husband took Peng Xi-mei to the hospital for examination, did not expect to hear is such bad news.Peng Xi-mei with a big belly, such as the walking dead came to the river.Looking at the rolling river, she felt confused and helpless.It’s so big, but it has no place of its own.She didn’t know where to go.She could not go back to her parents, the family itself is poor, do daughter not only can not filial piety, now this abjection appearance, she how to increase the burden of the elderly.She was so desperate that she thought of killing herself.”Anyway, life is not long, my life, don’t let it.”Just as she was about to jump into the river, she saw a group of ants moving.Tiny bodies carrying food several times their own weight are slowly moving forward.Such a weak ant, are trying their best to survive, she has no reason to end their own life?Peng Xi-mei was inspired by this, gave up suicide, since then began to stray life.So at that time, in the streets of the south, always can see a woman with a huge belly, dragging a heavy body hobbling.The belly swelled as if it were carrying quintuplets, as if it might explode at any moment with a poke.When she was hungry, she would turn over some food in the trash bin, and sometimes some kind people would buy her a lunch box.Sleep in an open park or under a bridge when you get sleepy.After a year of wandering, Peng ximei’s stomach stretched to the point where she could barely fit into her pants.She took a deep breath with each step.Almost passed out on the road a couple of times.Self aware of their time is not much, in the final stage of life, she does not want to finally expose the body wilderness, even the body of the people have no.She also wanted to die with dignity.So she went to the hospital, thinking that if she died there, at least someone would take her to cremation.Think of these, Peng Xi-mei sat peacefully in the hospital chair, quietly waiting for death.She spent most of her time in a hospital chair, and at first people thought she was pregnant.But they had seen her there for a long time, and they asked after her.Peng Xi-mei just said he was sick.Seeing her pity, the men would bring her clothes and food.Peng Ximei thought she would be in the hospital for the last time.Did not think of however by god favor, met the noble person in life, changed her life of ill-fated.It was Dec. 19, 2009, and peng ximei’s swollen abdomen made it difficult for her to move, and she would sit still in her chair most of the time.That day, she was taking a nap.A burst of applause was heard in the hall.A personage like an expert had arrived, and the hospital doctors and nurses were welcoming him.At the moment Peng Xi-mei suddenly feel here lost the hospital’s face, in order to avoid trouble to the hospital.She jumped up to leave, but she lost basic mobility.A hurry did not stand, fell down on his side.The doctors saw this and gathered round.The expert also came, Mr. Hsu Hak-cheng, the president of the hospital specializing in cancer treatment, who came to the hospital for free treatment.Approached to see Peng Ximei, Dean Xu Kecheng was startled.Her face was thin and pale, and her belly swelled like a giant sphere.Her stomach was so large that she could not even put on her pants, leaving her bottom half wrapped in a blanket.Judging from years of medical experience, this was no ordinary pregnancy.Xu Kecheng asked Peng Xi-mei after the situation, sympathy.All said the doctor benevolence, she could not bear to see the young Peng Ximei lost his life because of the disease.Then he said to Peng Ximei, “Why don’t you come with me to Guangzhou and I’ll treat you?””I — I don’t have any money.””I’ll give you free treatment,” said Hsu.As soon as the words fell, Peng Ximei burst into tears.He was abandoned by his family, originally thought that the end is coming, which can think of good Samaritan for their treatment.”Thank you, I have no money, but as long as I can cure me, I would like to repay you in a lifetime as a volunteer in the hospital.”The next day Dean Xu sent a vehicle to Peng Xi-mei received a hospital in Guangzhou, just to the hospital, Peng Xi-mei was arranged to do a series of examinations.Tests revealed not only a tumor but also a large amount of fluid in her abdomen.Because of so much water, the internal organs were all out of place and were pushed up against the top of the body.The abdominal circumference of the lower part of the body has reached 167 centimeters, the abdomen of the bulge can clearly see blood vessels, and the skin has shown a light purple.Such cases are very rare, coupled with Peng Ximei’s situation is very critical, in order to better determine the treatment plan, President Xu carefully asked Peng Ximei before and after the onset of the experience, try to find the cause from her past.Peng mentioned taking a large number of folk remedies, which led doctors to conclude that the origin of these remedies was the cause of her giant belly.The different drugs used in the folk remedy gathered in the abdomen and produced a vicious reaction.So the abdomen is getting bigger every day.Finding the cause is only the first step. The next step is to treat it.Peng ximei’s abdominal fluid was so severe that only the most conservative treatment could be used.Release ascites in batches by puncture to reduce the amount of abdominal fluid.Finally, surgery to remove the tumor.The doctor for Peng Ximei export 50 kilograms of fluid, her abdomen as magic wasted down.His abdominal circumference was also reduced from 167 centimeters to 110 centimeters.On January 12, 2010, Peng Ximei’s operation indicators have reached the standard, she was sent to the operating room for tumor excision surgery.That day is the operating room doctors most of the day, almost all departments of the doctors are involved in the operation, in the joint efforts of the doctors, Peng Ximei’s tumor was successfully removed.3, give back to the society, glow and fever because of the previous abdominal water and tumor support, there is a long recovery period after surgery.She needs to take plenty of protein powder to strengthen her body, blow up balloons to exercise her breathing and refrain from strenuous exercise.Peng Ximei actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment after surgery, experienced life and death of her, become more open-minded than before.Mention her former husband, Peng Xi-mei also said that she did not hate him, hate a person too tired, not worth it, people always want to look forward.Half a month later, Peng ximei has fully recovered.On the day of her discharge, which happened to be The Spring Festival, she bowed deeply to the medical staff to show her gratitude.When she almost lost all hope, she met the kind Dean Xu who pulled her back from the brink of death.Dean Xu to her kindness, she did not tooth unforgettable.She went back to her hometown and spent the Spring Festival with her parents.Came to the hospital to do long-term volunteer.When she was most helpless, it was the hospital that helped her and gave her a second life.And now she’s paying it forward.When she worked as a volunteer in the hospital, she often used her own experience to encourage those patients who were pessimistic and hopeless due to disease, so that they can regain hope for life.Now more than ten years have passed, how is peng Ximei’s situation now?A cancer let Peng Xilimei walk in the edge of death, also because cancer is in mianmianzhizhong to bring the turn that expect is less than to her.Now she has a new family and three children.The children were not hers; her husband’s ex-wife had left them to her after she died of cancer.But Peng doesn’t mind, saying she will still raise her child as her own.Young when in the jaws of death went, to life and death already look pale.All she wanted to do for the rest of her life was to help others.In Peng Xi-mei, Xu Ke-cheng dean of her kindness, is like the existence of a father, gave her a second life.She would look up to him as a role model.Give back to the community by being just as helpful as he was.Only when she has time, she will still go to the hospital to do volunteer work, with her own experience to encourage cancer patients to live strong.Let them see the hope of life, actively accept treatment.From finding cancer to being abandoned by your family, wandering around and meeting your savior, from dying to being born again.Peng Ximei experienced hardships in the first half of her life.At her worst, she thought about giving up.But I managed to stumble through adversity.Peng Ximei is undoubtedly one of the lucky cancer patients who met a kind dean and got successful treatment.And the new she is also grateful, dedicated strength to help others.In the road of life, love continues to relay, which is not only the continuation of life, but also the inheritance of love.