Dream westward journey: gold price stability players numerous 27 regions, they must be right

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I’m sure many players have heard of a few familiar fire zones, but few have actually counted them.No matter you are a novice into the pit or an old hand to turn the area, a detailed grasp of the dream of the west tour all fire area information you can be in the starting line one step faster.Today, Kitty teacher helped you sort out 27 popular regions for players to choose.In order to find the real fire area, the data of the early morning region is the most able to reflect the real hot degree of the region, so the number of players in the region can still be “full” at four in the morning can have absolute guarantee.However, it is not suitable for everyone to enter the pit when the gold price is full. The higher the gold price ratio is, the more it reflects the commercial activity of the region. Therefore, the regions with low gold price are not included in the list, and the following 27 regions are obtained.This list basically includes most of the players of the “fire”, but in the 27 fire areas are also divided into 69 grades, according to the gold price from high to low cat teacher to help you select 15 hot gold prices and high regions, they are respectively:Yishui Snow Mountain, Orchid Pavilion, Chengdu Mansion, Qiyun Tower, Yanzhao Fengyun, Happy Birthday, Treasure Pavilion, General, Forbidden City, 2008, Diaoyu Island, Xishan Old Street, blue and white porcelain, Bianliang City, Qingdao Pier.Big crowds are great in big fires, but they bring the problem of lag.The 15 regions all had problems with lag during the evening rush hour. Happy Birthday and 2008 had no game experience at all.The old fireworks Forbidden City, Xishan Old Street, Treasure Pavilion is relatively thick, and the queue at night can guarantee 3-5 minutes to enter. The gold price has been relatively stable for so many years, and the problem of congestion is very serious only in the weekend task period, and the evening peak is acceptable;Chengdu House, Orchid Pavilion xu recent performance is very strong, but according to a lot of players to laugh orchid pavilion xu cardon degree as happy birthday, many players are fleeing the region, so the pit orchid Pavilion xu need to be careful.Gridlock inevitably affects efficiency, and efficiency is the lifeblood of the Five, so more and more of them are fleeing the 15 fire zones.Out of the 15 regions, the remaining 12 regions are all regions with moderate prices and relatively smooth servers, which are ideal for evening game players.However, professional brush or recommended to the development of the fire area, a high proportion of gold is good, the second is to sell the price will be relatively high, out of hand time will be much shorter.Forbidden City gold price ratio survey of 12 regions is relatively good qufu Confucius Temple, Xiaomeisha, Lingyin Temple, Xiaomeisha in the 12 regions of the player feedback is good, there is a fire area potential;Lingyin Temple is relatively thick, very stable, Qufu Confucius Temple reputation is also very good, worth a try.Kitty concluded after class: The biggest advantage of the fire zone is not so much the crowd, but the stable price, complete equipment and the future trend of rising value.2008, happy Birthday server card burst has been ridiculed for 14 years, but it is also comprehensive, stable, value-added pronoun, so even if the card is still unable to shake its super fireworks status.