During the Laiwu war, our army arrested a Commander of the Kuomintang, but why did the party organization order him to be released?

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In one and the kuomintang troops fighting, our troops to capture the captains of the kuomintang troops position of a person, when the incident to the party organization, got these to the commanders of his release command, and is the captain of the army of the captured Han Liancheng, why the party organization will make this order?And who was he?In 1947, the Laiwu war was on the edge of breaking out, the Kuomintang sent Li Xianzhou as the highest commander, responsible for the operation of our army, and the Party organization is to Li Yu and Chen Yi led the troops, responsible for the combat task.In the face of li Xianzhou’s aggressive attack, our army is completely not afraid, and the Kuomintang troops fighting, our army relying on the superiority of the geographical location, the Kuomintang troops launched a fierce attack, the Kuomintang troops beat.Li Xianzhou saw themselves at a disadvantage situation, thus to own other forces ordered, bring their own Han Liancheng combat troops to help, but Han Liancheng reply, fool Li Xianzhou, leading forces tortoise speed, linger on the road for a long time before I arrive to the battlefield, time is precious life on the battlefield, any minutes is a must win,Han Lian did not arrive in time to help, the success of our army will be li Xianzhou troops are eliminated.Only spend a short time will li Xianzhou tens of thousands of troops are annihilated, so quickly made such a great achievement, Wang Yaowu is also surprised, said this thing is unexpected.And 25 teachers NieFengZhi know your forces to capture a commander of the kuomintang is particularly exciting, but also have no reaction to come over to get the higher command, to release the captains, and the captains is Han Liancheng, also is able to win the campaign progressed, he hide in the kuomintang for a long time.Han Liancheng came from a very difficult family in Gansu, the economic situation of the family is very difficult, eat this aspect is not what oil and water nutrition, Han Liancheng is also lucky to die.As the last child in the family, Han Liancheng is very sensible from an early age, helping his parents to do farm work, and during the period of making a living, Han Liancheng was repeatedly oppressed by the landlord, after intolerable, Han Liancheng or broke out, just like he said to his own fate like resistance.Han Liancheng knows ningxia area is conscription, Han Liancheng wants to go on living, plan to join the army to feed himself, after going to the army, Han Liancheng also has good performance, is appointed by the Party organization for the chairman of the revolutionary committee.When the Northern Expedition campaign began, Han Liancheng to find the whereabouts of Wu commissar was delayed did not successfully join the Communist Party.In a series of anti-japanese battles, Han Liancheng also won many battles and was promoted all the way.In the battle between Jiang Jieshi and Feng Yuxiang, Han Liancheng by virtue of his keen vision, seize the opportunity, successfully rescued Jiang Jieshi, because this is reuse by Jiang Jieshi.But in the kuomintang during the inauguration, Han Liancheng saw some problems of the kuomintang, after careful choice, after Han Liancheng still intends to continue before the ideal, to join the communist party, after meeting with premier zhou to discuss, get the premier zhou’s advice, let Han Liancheng continue to stay in the kuomintang, also after the battle of laiwu, for party organization to win the precious time,The success of the li Xianzhou troops are successfully eliminated, also have the front party organization to release Han Lian into the situation.He was arranged by the Party organization in the Kuomintang’s secret line, so his identity can not be exposed, and Han Liancheng also made great contributions in the battle after.Han Liancheng has not forgotten his most beginning of the ideal, is to work hard for the revolutionary cause, let the people live a good life, because of the shortcomings of the kuomintang experience, the heart for the country and the people told him that the Kuomintang can not carry the people this boat, he went to the Communist Party, the rest of his life in the future for the people.He died of serious illness at the age of 76.