Guangzhou issued an initiative: citizens to set the temperature of air conditioning reasonably, reduce the time and frequency of air conditioning use

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Information Times news (reporter He Xiaomin) Guangzhou municipal Development and reform Commission recently issued a proposal on the city to save electricity.Public institutions at all levels of the city take the lead in saving electricity, and the cooling temperature of office places in summer should not be lower than 26℃.The proposal points out that public institutions at all levels in the city take the lead in saving electricity.All levels of party and government organs, public institutions and other public institutions in the city should take the lead in setting an example, taking the lead in practicing green and energy-saving office, and doing a good job in scientific and energy-saving management of office equipment.The cooling temperature of the office shall not be lower than 26℃ in summer, and the heating temperature shall not be higher than 18℃ in winter.Keep doors and Windows closed during the operation of air conditioning, develop the good habit of turning off the lights, people go to turn off the lights, put an end to the lamp.Take the stairs when you are three floors below or two floors above your office.Landscape lighting controls electricity consumption.Strictly control the construction of media wall and “light show” projects;It is forbidden to build landscape lighting projects with super high energy consumption, super scale, excessive lighting and light pollution.Reduce highway, public facilities, public places and large buildings decorative landscape lighting, reduce the number and time of lighting.It is strictly forbidden to run “light show” which simply shows the city image, strictly distinguish the power consumption of landscape lighting projects in the region from the power consumption of people’s livelihood such as functional lighting mainly for road lighting, and implement the price policy of industrial and commercial power consumption for the power consumption of non-livelihood such as “light show”.Industry and commerce use electricity in a scientific and rational way.Industrial and commercial enterprises are encouraged to arrange production and operation plans scientifically and rationally based on their own characteristics, take the initiative to shift peak power consumption and avoid peak power consumption, and relieve power supply pressure during peak hours by means of staggered peak power consumption and intermittent rest.We will vigorously promote the use of new technologies and products that save electricity and energy, guide industrial and commercial enterprises in using electricity to step up technological upgrading, and phase out backward technologies and products that consume high amounts of electricity and energy.Large shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings should strictly follow the temperature control standards of air conditioning in public buildings. The cooling temperature should not be lower than 26℃ in summer and the heating temperature should not be higher than 20℃ in winter. It is recommended to turn off the air conditioning half an hour before the end of business.Home communities conserve electricity.Encourage the public to make full use of natural lighting and reduce artificial lighting;Reasonable setting of air conditioning temperature, reduce the use of air conditioning time and frequency;We will implement the tiered electricity pricing policy for residents, foster awareness of household power conservation, and promote a frugal, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, green and low-carbon lifestyle.Advocate green travel, electric vehicles, battery cars as far as possible to use the night load trough charging.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: