Is the government leading the “traitorous”?Zelensky issued the “guilty letter”, British and American flags were raised

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Although Ukraine is nominally an independent and sovereign country, but in fact now Ukraine is counting on the Western forces to provide their own assistance, Ukraine’s fate is not in their own hands, but become a pawn of the West.Now the Ukrainian government is leading the “traitor”, Zelensky issued the “guilty letter”, politicians raise the national flag, but there is no Ukraine.Ukraine’s government has made a mistake in expecting the West to do nothing. The West doesn’t really care about Ukraine, it just wants to use it against Russia.Mr Zelensky recently ordered 100,000 more troops over the next three years and increased funding for the army.Zelensky’s decree was accompanied by an impassioned speech to lawmakers about not betraying the country.The surge does not mean war.The speech was clearly aimed at unity, but what was interesting was that Zelensky also said that MPS could “oppose the Ukrainian government” and “defy the president”. Was it in the heat of the moment or was zelensky blaming himself?The politicians were even weirder. After Zelensky’s new decree, they all raised flags, not Ukrainian ones, but western ones, American ones, British ones, and so on.The move is intended to show western support for Ukraine.Really?But in fact, western countries do not really support Ukraine, if it was, Then Ukraine would have joined NATO and the EU, now the tension in Eastern Ukraine, is completely provoked by the United States and other Western countries, they hope that the eastern Ukraine immediately broke out in the war, so that the Western forces can profit from it.If you think about it, Ukraine’s entry into NATO is impossible because the terms of NATO are that if one member goes to war, everyone else goes to war.If Ukraine becomes a NATO member, then Ukraine’s offensive against Russia means that other European countries are going to war too, but who wants to confront the fighting peoples?So don’t expect Ukraine to join the West. That day will never come.The right choice is to pursue independent development, not to leave one’s fate in the hands of western forces, which will not lead to good results.Western countries will only install puppet governments and get the most for themselves.If the puppet government falls, the West has nothing to lose. It is only a matter of finding new countries and installing new governments.Zelensky, a former actor with no political vision, has led Ukraine into a quagmire. Ukraine has lost hope. Only with a change of government and a choice of the right direction can Ukraine develop.Disclaimer: original content, picture material from the network, such as infringement, please contact to delete.If you want to see more of this, check out the City of the Atom