Pass on traditional culture in a more youthful way

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Source: China youth daily client Our newspaper Beijing on April 5 (· QingWang trainee journalist in the popular newspaper supplement Today, but one) by the Ministry of Education and art education department of sports health, the China youth newspaper to undertake “the fifth” the power of inheritance, school sports art education to carry forward Chinese excellent traditional culture results show activity “qingming festival special programs broadcast in 2022.Teachers and students from schools across the country gathered in the clouds to remember the deceased through inheriting traditional culture.Teachers and students from Xihu Primary School Education Group in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, bring a special program called Qingming Tea.In luo Tianyang’s opinion, studying tea art in the school club can not only learn more about tea, but also understand tea culture.”This small piece of tea carries culture and spreads friendship.I love tea art, I hope more people around me know about tea art, let the traditional tea culture continue to shine in our hands.”With the 2022 Asian Games set to be held in Hangzhou, students from Xihu Primary School have incorporated hangzhou dialect into the song “Little Host” to convey the etiquette of “guests serving tea” in Traditional Chinese culture from their perspective.Hebei Baoding University music and Dance College art workshop students brought “Hexi Cymbals” to the special program.Hexi Cymbals is a traditional percussion piece of the national Intangible Cultural Heritage project “Jizhong Concert”.Zhang Hongyu, dean of music and Dance College of Baoding University, introduced that local folk music has the characteristics of local and improvisational, complex and changeable singing style, multi-purpose gongzhi notation, stage performance with strong local characteristics, to increase the difficulty of teaching.”Under the guidance of the local non-inheritor teaching team, the students gradually changed from likeness to likeness, from imitation to innovation, and their performance ability has made a qualitative leap.”Zhang hongyu said.Teachers and students from Shantou Culture and Art School in Guangdong Province, Wuwei Vocational College in Gansu Province and Dongdu Primary School in Xiamen, Fujian Province also brought traditional dances to the show.The teachers and students of Shantou Culture and Art School expressed the happiness of the porcelain figures inlaid on the roof of the shantou special Zone through chaoshan Ying song and dance.Wuwei Vocational College brought wuwei intangible cultural heritage liangzhou Gongguzi, which has been inherited for thousands of years of folk drum dance;And xiamen Dongdu Primary school to bring the jump, with a distinct southern Fujian regional characteristics.In the special program, martial arts were innovatively rewritten in the featured classes of Pingfu Township Central School, Teng County, Wuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Ruiming Primary School, Ruijin City, Jiangxi Province;The students of the art workshop of Nanchong Vocational and Technical College brought the shadow play of Northern Sichuan;Students from Nanshan Street Primary School in Jinan, Shandong province brought the original Peking Opera “Xiao Xi Gu”;Students from Bayanhushu No.6 Middle School of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region brought a tushiyatu embroidery demonstration…Through understanding the connotation of traditional culture, students gradually form their inner cultural confidence.Zhang Jiali, a dance major at Shantou Culture and Art School, said, “AS a Chaoshan native, I feel proud to be able to represent chaoshan intangible cultural Heritage culture through dance works.”Since the launch of the special program “The Power of Inheritance” five years ago, centering on the characteristics of festivals and based on campus sports and art education, nearly 30 large-scale exhibitions and broadcasts have been launched to promote the excellent achievements of Chinese traditional culture. Vocal music, instrumental music, dance and traditional sports events from 400 universities, primary and secondary schools across the country have been exhibited.More and more people born in the 2000s have become the “main force of inheritance”, and they are singing the voice of The Times to inherit traditional culture in a more youthful way.Source: China Youth Daily