Practice the golden mean

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Practice the golden mean (author: Feng Shaohua) the joys and sorrows of the hair, that;Hair and are in the section, the sum of.It’s from Confucius’ The Doctrine of the Mean.The Doctrine of the Mean is the heart of Confucianism, the highest state of Confucianism, an important way of treating people and dealing with the world, and the summation of Chinese wisdom.The doctrine of the mean is a synonym for combining tao, virtue and Using.Meet the genuine needs of others, and be recognized by others;To be useful in real life, to be true and effective, is the mean.The Doctrine of the Mean is a mode of thinking, namely the thinking of neutralization.Its core is to enter the world with the heart of birth, how fast and good provincial virtue, attentively point by point gather energy, careful to naturally cloth field, in the process of helping others, and constantly achieve their own achievements.The golden mean is the Chinese people’s attitude towards life, life and society. It is an impartial, intelligent and wise wisdom based on the overall and long-term benefit maximization. It is a kind of indifference that causes emptiness and keeps calm, and it is a kind of exquisite with its selflessness.The essence of zhonghe thinking is not to lose but not to take advantage of the situation, while eclecticism, harmony of mud, is a misreading of the mean.The so-called golden mean is the Confucian methodology of self-cultivation, honest dealing with people and effective social governance.The lack of ideal and faith, the impetuous desire for quick success, anxious for success, let people have no peace of mind.Therefore, it is particularly important to strengthen individual self-cultivation and increase social comprehensive management.As the moderation of Chinese excellent traditional culture, it will bring benefits into play.The golden mean is the highest state of self-cultivation.Ming heart, see the nature, careful independence, virtue, gather energy, cloth field, do not forget the original heart, choose good and stubborn, only possible always.The road of life, only in line with the mean, it is possible to fit with the road of nature.