Where does the monster Hunter Rise Hellbird collect the monster Hunter Rise Hellbird location

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Monster Hunter Rise Where are the hellfire birds collected?The ghoulish bird rising from monster hunter is helpful for us to fight, and the ghoulish bird can increase the upper limit of player health. Many friends do not know where to collect ghoulish bird, and this collection item is widely distributed, so it is complicated if you do not know the location.The following brings the specific monster hunter rise of the whole map of the hellfire bird location, let’s see.Monster hunter rise of the whole map of the hellfire bird location introduction to eat enough after the hellfire bird equipped with absolutely fragrant garland can be 100+50 cat rice +100 green hellfire bird, fault tolerance greatly improved, suitable for open land and practice strange, so a little summary of the drawing into the road map.Some courses take less than a minute, others take about a minute and a half, so you can feel free to fill up.It’s mostly a landslide, so you don’t care if your entourage is a dog or a cat.Waste shrine frozen islands sand water no forest lava cave