Yiyang city supply and marketing cooperative was awarded “the city’s modern agricultural comprehensive reform” advanced units

2022-08-09 0 By

Recently, Yiyang Municipal Committee of the Rural work conference, 2021 on the city’s “agriculture, rural” work emerged in a number of advanced typical praise notice.Among them, Yiyang city supply and marketing cooperative was evaluated as “modern agricultural comprehensive reform” advanced units.Yiyang city in 2021, supply and marketing cooperatives from its functional position, firmly grasp the direction of services for the agriculture, hold the production, supply and marketing, credit line “the trinity” comprehensive cooperation pilot work, continue to deepen reform of integrated supply and marketing cooperatives and organic link for small farmers and modern agriculture development, continuously strengthened, the organization construction management system is increasingly perfect,For the effective development of agricultural services, yiyang city to build the province and even the national modern agricultural reform pilot zone and agricultural and rural modernization demonstration area played a positive role in promoting.Yiyang city in 2022, supply and marketing cooperatives will make persistent efforts, and rushed to keep active as a state of mind, to further improve under the new situation of new agricultural service system, improve service ability, for the agriculture in a more excellent grades for boosting the city’s rural comprehensive revitalization, written “great changes” a new chapter to make new greater contributions.