Hangzhou college students start a business looking for an office on the little rent

2022-08-10 0 By

According to the news report on February 17, 2022: Chen Zhong, deputy director of Zhejiang Human Resources and Social Security Department, said at a press conference that Zhejiang province: college students who fail to start a business will be reimbursed by the government for loans of less than 100,000 yuan.The topic quickly hit the hot search: as the national integration of office leasing Internet platform, Diandian Hangzhou station quickly responded to organize a number of suitable for college students to start a business, can provide flexible office space selection services for the majority of college students to choose.While the path to entrepreneurship is rewarding and risky, many of the world’s most famous companies, such as Apple and Facebook, were started by college students.Hangzhou to find an office on diandian rent: http://hz.diandianzu.com or call: 4000-623-678 “Alipay” APP can search for “Diandian rent”, including office space VR display: