How does wine industry do intelligent finance?Guizhou Guotai wine industry to choose Lanling to solve

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Recently, Based on the excellent practice of OA construction, Guizhou Guotai Liquor Group Co., Ltd. once again worked with Lanling to build an intelligent financial reimbursement platform.Guizhou Guotai Liquor Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as kweichow Guotai) is the second largest government-licensed liquor enterprise in Maotai Town, which has been meticulously built by Tasly Health Industry Investment Group for more than 20 years.It has four production bases, namely Guotai Liquor Industry, Guotai Winery, Guotai Huaijiu and Guotai Maoyuan, with an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of authentic Daqu Maotai-flavor liquor and 50,000 tons of stored base liquor. It has created more than 3,600 jobs and paid more than 5 billion yuan in taxes.Guizhou Guotai has been awarded “National Employment and Social Security Advanced Private Enterprise”, “Green Factory” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “Guizhou Provincial Governor Quality Award Nomination Award”, “Guizhou Province To Fulfill social Responsibility five-star Enterprise”, and has been rated as “Top two Hundred Enterprises” in Guizhou province for seven consecutive years.The Party Committee of the company has been awarded “Advanced Grassroots Party Organization” for many times.Guotai brand has won three Brussels International Gold Awards, two Guizhou Top Ten Wine Awards, the 73rd WSWA Spirits Competition in the United States, the only Chinese liquor gold award and more than a hundred awards.Tang Guoqiang, a famous performing artist, was invited to be the spokesperson, and has been selected by CCTV’s “Brand Power Project” for five consecutive years. It has successfully become a first-line liquor enterprise and a mainstream maotai-flavor liquor brand in China.After years of cultivation, the main product “the national standard”, “the Taiwan 15 years”, “the dragon wine” favored by consumers, in 2021, the Taiwan sales tax in guizhou super billions of billions, brand value, production, inventory base of more than 50000 tons, ten thousand tons, to enter the Chinese wine industry billions of wine companies camp, in Chinese liquor before ten, consolidate the power maotai-flavor, the pilot”Brand and industry position.Guizhou Guotai expresses that it will strive towards the goal of China’s new famous wine, and strive to establish the connotation system of China’s new famous wine in 10 years, and strive to enter the forest of China’s famous wine in 20 years, and make new and greater contributions to China’s wine industry and national brands.The realization of this broad goal means the rapid development of business, which involves numerous marketing outlets across the country, the coordination of employees, financial expenditure and income, etc. Unified and efficient financial control is particularly critical.Lanling intelligent financial reimbursement platform will support guizhou Guotai’s strategic decision and optimization through financial data mining and analysis, and help it reasonably control costs and optimize enterprise resource allocation.The main functions of the platform are as follows :• Expense management: from budget preparation, expense application to budget control and management of reimbursement link, as well as the whole process management of financial audit, payment, bookkeeping and analysis.• Budget management: according to the specific situation of the company’s projects and departments, prepare different budget plans, import, adjust and add budget data, and generate budget analysis reports.• Online reimbursement: mobile, micro reimbursement, using OCR invoice recognition, invoice verification and re-check technology, online one-click generation of reimbursement, reimbursement quickly to the account.• Payment management: Lanling contract ledger is highly integrated with the financial reimbursement system. The system automatically pushes the contract payment plan and collection plan, and records the accounts payable ledger and accounts receivable ledger.• Chart center: visual presentation of financial statements, intuitive understanding of expense data.Digitalization enables core competitiveness. In the future, Lanling will embrace digital dividends with Kweichow Guotai, work together to build digital intelligence, and press the “acceleration key” for business development.