Live | Challenge 1620 in the final!Gu Ailing is a little tiger.

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Early in the morning on the 8th, shougang jump platform became lively, news center, spectator stands……People everywhere came to cheer for Gu.Everyone was jubilant and talking about how to celebrate later, as if Gu had already bagged the gold medal and the match was just a formality.Soon after the game began, however, everyone stopped smiling and clenched their fists.Gu Ailing’s first jump was the highest difficulty of 1440 biweekly pivot twist, which was also used by Gu Ailing when she won the World Cup. Except for a slightly unstable landing, the overall completion of the movement was very high. Four of the six judges gave 94 points, and Gu Ailing finally got the highest score of 93.75.But France’s Tess Ludde later succeeded in the more difficult biweekly off-axis twist 1620, scoring 94.50 points to overtake Gu.After all the first dives, Tess Rudd was in first place and Gu was second.Gu Ailing is behind!Perhaps too unexpected, the audience at the scene a little confused, cheering is also a lot less.In the second dive, Tess Luder performed perfectly again to score 93.00 points for a total of 187.50, while Gu, using a 1080 double left spin, scored 88.50 points and dropped to third place.When Gu Stood on the starting point for the third round of the grand platform final, everyone’s heart was in their mouth.”Irene’s a little on the ropes!”Reporters around a so-called “quasi professional” of the northeast counterparts issued an alarm, “her difficulty reserve is not as good as Tess Ludd, want to rely on the last jump” upwind “, is almost impossible to complete the task.Just as on her first jump, gu hugged her coach and waited quietly at the starting point for the right wind speed and direction before sliding.With this jump, she completed a double somersault of 1,620 degrees that she had “only thought about” before.After landing successfully, Gu fell to her knees screaming.”1620 in the final?This girl really ‘tiger’!What a big heart!”Seeing Gu’s successful landing, her colleagues in Northeast China jumped with excitement and kept explaining, “This is something she has never tried in training. Her first attempt and first success were all in the last jump in the Final of the Winter Olympics.”With her third jump, Gu moved up to number one.The last contestant, Tess Rudd, tried to complete a double somersault of 1440 degrees, but had a flawed landing and failed to overtake Gu.The place was settled, the shougang platform inside and outside the applause and cheers again.”There was really no pressure on me at that moment. To be on the podium was to break history, to reach my goal.”Gu Bravely completed her challenge in the Final of the Winter Olympic Games. The successful landing result and the gold medal are more like icing on the cake, and also praise for Gu’s courage and efforts.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Huang Qiyuan in Beijing