Read double first-class ashore password, from the first selected 25 non-211 colleges and universities

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Compared with the university rankings, which have clear indicators and points, the selection of the “double first-class” is a bit more mysterious (at least, there are no official indicators).From the perspective of the first round of “double first-class” universities, all 112 former 985 universities and 211 universities were included in the list, which is a kind of inheritance relationship.In addition, 25 non-211 universities were selected to be added to the “double first-class” list.These are the places that really embody the “landing code.”The 25 non-211 “double first-class” universities are located in eight provinces and have a total of 31 disciplines, most of which are listed in one discipline.Look from the subject characteristic, these 31 subjects basically are the characteristic subject with stronger industry attribute, to put it bluntly is what other people’s home is not quite good at.For example, music and Dance of China Conservatory of Music, Fine Arts and Design of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Oil and Gas Engineering of Southwest Petroleum University were selected.The rest are mainly basic subjects with outstanding strength, such as biology at Peking Union Medical College and chemistry at University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.On the whole, the 25 “double first-class” disciplines selected by non-211 universities are a complement to the “double first-class” disciplines selected by the original 211 universities.For example, in physical education, only Beijing Sport University was selected among 211 universities.In atmospheric science, only Nanjing University and Lanzhou University were included.With the addition of the disciplines selected by the original 211 universities and the newly added disciplines selected by non-211 universities, hundreds of disciplines have their own corresponding “first-class construction disciplines”, and the system of first-class disciplines is relatively complete.There are a few minor exceptions.For example, ningbo University selected mechanics discipline.In addition to Ningbo University, 6 universities have been selected as “double First-class” in mechanics discipline.In addition, mechanics of Ningbo University was only rated C in the fourth round of discipline evaluation.Logically, no matter how round it is, it is less than ningbo University, which was founded only 31 years ago.At present, it is generally recognized that the project “Theoretical Progress and Application of Nonlinear Stress Wave Propagation” hosted and completed by Ningbo University won the second prize of National Natural Science Award in 2013 (the first prize was vacant), and achieved a breakthrough in this award by Ningbo University and Ningbo City.Judging from the results of the first round of “double First-class” selection, I think the adjustment of the second round of “double First-class” should be mainly to add and supplement some subjects urgently needed by the country and society. It is not expected that there will be “discontinuation”, and the number of new subjects will not be too much, and it should mainly focus on the subjects that were less selected in the last round.For example, aerospace Science and Technology of Tsinghua University, archaeology of Northwest University and Metallurgical Engineering of Northeastern University have been successfully added to the list of disciplines selected in the first round of “double first-class” construction.