This treasure town, hidden deep in Zhejiang province, was made famous by the movie Changjin Lake

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The article is tang Sir Riding a horse to explore the world original, copyright belongs to the author all, welcome to share reprint.Guide language: life always can bring countless surprise for us!Living in a city for a long time, the yearning for the outside world will grow stronger.The world is big, the world is beautiful, and there are certain places that make you stop.Don’t care about the starting point, don’t care about the destination, just because there is “you” along the way, as a veteran traveler, “you” is the biggest surprise in the journey.I do not know whether you have watched the movie “Changjin Lake”, a sentence “the seventh interspersed, should be one hundred and fifty-seven people, actually one person” I do not know how many people break the defense, crying.Just one day after its release, Chosin Lake made hundreds of millions of yuan at the box office, becoming another epic film and television work in China.And after watching the movie, my heart is hard to calm for a long time, the cruel war, the ancestors of the brave and bloody fighting, I am shocked.Some of the movie scenes are unforgettable and hard to erase, especially in contrast to the peaceful fishing village where the movie opens.What time is good, but someone is carrying something for you.Maybe some people will ask: “the quiet and peaceful small fishing village in the movie is real, or is it constructed after artificial later?”With curiosity about this problem, Sir Tang is also seriously to search for the answer, the results are really I found clues, found a treasure town – tiantai.Hanshan Lake in Tiantai County is the location of the small fishing village in the movie Changjin Lake. So why can Hanshan Lake stand out among many scenic spots in China and become one of the locations of the movie?Don’t worry, follow the footsteps of Sir Tang, let’s walk into the roof, a good exploration!As the beginning of Xu Xiake’s travel notes, Tiantai has attracted the hearts of many writers with its incomparable charm.Even the poet Li Bai had left “dragon tower feng Que refused to live, fly straight to tiantai”, tiantai Mountain to describe the “wind drifting to the ground, thousands of pieces of dust,” the fairyland.To be honest, before I went to the rooftop, my impression of this city was only confined to the opening scene of the movie Changjin Lake.Until the tiantai city encounter, I did not understand how beautiful she really, hidden what kind of fantastic wonderland.Tiantai County, a county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou city in Zhejiang Province, is named after the Tiantai Mountain within its boundaries.Although Tiantai county has a long history and beautiful scenery, the town is not well known.For zhejiang province, which has a lot of tourism resources, tiantai can be an insignificant existence.Can be such a low-key small town, but has the United States magnificent mountain, ancient temples, every visitor will be conquered by her beauty.Someone once said: “Tiantai mountain is a sacred mountain, the water is a sacred water, so it can breed the beautiful scenery of tiantai.”Of course, this statement is not groundless, but it is true!For example, the sacred mountain here refers to tiantai Mountain, even the footprints all over the world Xu Xiake have visited Tiantai Mountain three times, and left a masterpiece – “Travel Tiantai Mountain diary”.Of course, I paid more attention to its water than to the magnificent beauty of Tiantai Mountain, especially the local Hanshan Lake, because that’s where the movie Changjin Lake was shot.Tiantai Hanshan Lake, also known as Shimen Reservoir, is about 40 kilometers away from tiantai county in the east. It is named after Hanshan Zi, who used to roam here.The whole scenic area covers an area of about 9 square kilometers, with a total storage capacity of about 200 million cubic meters.Hanshan Lake covers an area of 9,600 mu, more than six times the size of West Lake.In addition, there are more than 37 harbors and 9 islands, which are beautiful scenery and a rare large area of water sports area in the whole Tiantai Mountain scenic area.In fact, the island in the lake was once a lofty mountain, but with the change of The Times, the movement of the earth’s crust, has changed things.In addition to the lake and the fishing boat, the scene where Wu jing and Yi Yangqianxi meet in the woods was shot in Xiangyan village, Xianju County.Xiangyan Village is located in Xianju County Yongan River bank, there is not too much commercial atmosphere, still retains the ancient village style, interested partners can go to see oh!Of course, tiantai county has beautiful scenery far more than a cold mountain lake in Tiantai Mountain, here there is known as “the first wonder of the world” the stone beam waterfall, has been known as “canyon fairyland” Qiongtai fairy valley, has been known as “Buddhism the first sect” tiantai Zong’s birthplace — Guoqing Temple, has…Although Tiantai county is not as famous as Hangzhou and Wuzhen, it has a unique taste for its beautiful scenery and customs.”There are flowers in spring and summer heat, color in autumn and snow in winter”.Tiantai throughout the year, the scenery is not the same, no matter when you arrive she will not be stingy to show you her beauty.If you could choose, would you like to travel here?Welcome to leave your comments.Want to know more exciting content, come to follow Tang Sir Ride a horse to explore the world