What does the element that decides curvaceous beauty have in mandible Angle operation?

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The shape of mandible Angle affects the size, width and beauty of facial contour.Therefore, the mandibular Angle operation has become the first choice for many people seeking beauty to improve the face.Safety baseline of mandibular Angle Any medical cosmetic surgery should be based on safety.Similarly, how much bone is extracted from the mandibular Angle should be considered safety first.Mandibular Angle osteotomy itself has a limit, from the medical anatomical structure, in the mandible along the position, there is a inferior alveolar nerve vessel.Before surgery, regular hospitals accurately analyze the size and thickness of facial bones and identify the location of nerve lines and blood vessels with the help of cranial X-rays and 3D modeling technology.If the mandibular Angle is cut too high or too much, there is a risk of nerve damage, resulting in partial numbness of the lips and chin.Therefore, panoramic oral radiographs and cranial CT radiographs are usually taken before surgery to determine the location of the neural tube and the specific osteotomy area.On the basis of ensuring safety, the improvement of mandibular Angle naturally needs to pursue nature and beauty.In addition to neural limitations, there are many types of mandibular Angle. According to the position and shape of mandibular Angle protrusion, it can be generally divided into single Angle, double Angle, excessive Angle and kyphosis.The mandibular Angle osteotomy program mainly considers the width, whether to leave the Angle and the length of the arc of the mandibular line.The width factor is because the width of the mandibular Angle cut needs to be determined according to the size and classification of the mandibular Angle. There are eversion, middle and varus types of mandibular Angle. If it is everus, it can be narrowed.And, some beauty seekers face from the front, the width of the lower half of the face is too wide, but the mandibular line on the side is more smooth, this kind of beauty seekers need to consider when doing mandibular resection, connected to the external plate area thin, that is, split the outer plate.Specifically in the mandibular Angle osteotomy, the square face of the bone edges and angles to be reduced while cortical bone resection, so that the face after the front or side have been improved.The split outer plate must be operated by experienced doctors, so as not to cause uneven or multi-angle cutting problems, so as to affect the effect of thin face.Angle retention factors In the design of osteotomy plan, whether the need for Angle retention is also one of the key considerations.In the public aesthetic, the natural and beautiful mandible Angle is generally 2~3 cm below the earlobe, leaving an Angle between 110° and 120°.At present, more and more beauty seekers realize the importance of retaining the Angle, the mandibular Angle surgery will require the preservation of the Angle.It is hoped that the Angle of mandible Angle after surgery is obvious, the lines are natural and lifelike, and the traces of cutting are not seen by people.But in fact, whether the operation can “leave the Angle” is not entirely determined by the doctor, mainly determined by the basic conditions of their own bones and soft tissues.Professional doctors will communicate with beauty seekers in detail, analyze the bone and soft tissue basis, make a comprehensive evaluation and effect estimation, and only when both sides reach an agreement can surgery be carried out.Arc line and Length Factors There are two arcs of mandibular Angle osteotomy, long arc and short arc, which are suitable for these four types of mandibular Angle problems, and are also the commonly used mandibular Angle interception scheme at present.The broken line design of mandibular Angle osteotomy is mainly suitable for large mandibular Angle, mostly used for male mandibular Angle osteotomy.At present, long curved mandibular Angle osteotomy is more suitable for mandibular Angle surgery.The long curve osteotomy is an appropriate extension of the osteotomy length within a safe range and has a transition space compared to the short curve osteotomy.A long curve osteotomy usually leaves a curved line at both ends, leaving two centimeters below the earlobe, so that the edge of the mandible is smooth and natural.It not only retains the natural radian and Angle, but also effectively avoids the appearance of the second mandibular Angle after the straight-line osteotomy.And in the safe range of the wider mandibular Angle, also can obtain the maximum symmetry, beauty effect, the improvement is more obvious.Avoid excessive or insufficient osteotomy on both sides, asymmetry and other situations, so that people seeking beauty from the second operation.If medical cosmetology wants to give consideration to both safety and beauty, it is necessary to require the beauty to visit regular hospitals, seek medical care carefully and become beautiful rationally.