5-15cm qinglongshi pickling pictures, pickling quartz stone export, export quartz stone is what price

2022-08-11 0 By

Qinglongshi 5cm above, 5 tons of qinglongshi 10-30cm, 10 tons of stone 40, qinglongshi pickling?5 bags of stone 30-50cm, 7 tons of blue dragon stone 10-30cm, 13 tons are pickling.The rest of the loading stone 40.Is that a cabinet or is it for export?You transfer my deposit of 10000 YUAN, I start cleaning, you will fumigate wood pallet, washed, wood pallet arrived, you can arrange the cabinet.Every stone is different, or the same, gray, pick out do not.The price is the same.Please send me the photos of pickling. The customer said that every piece of blue dragon stone we pickling is taken seriously.