A 10,000-hair brush is different from a nano-brush

2022-08-11 0 By

Hardness, oil, function is different.Ten thousand hair brush is the highest and thinnest brush in all the brushes. It will be very bright after each brush and feel very good. However, this kind of light will disappear after a little plate.2, nano brush and wife cake actually have the same wonderful, if there is really nano nano level of the unit of the nano brush object, then wife cake can almost solve the marriage of all men now!So nano brush this thing just listen to it, the actual role has nothing to do with nano, if the name, its role is probably the most appropriate “brush” word!3. Ten thousand hair brush teeth is also a good choice, which can deeply clean teeth.It is to consume speed faster, existence drops wool to wait for a circumstance, can buy the frequency that uses so a bit lower a few, use once every week for instance twice, it is ok to use normal toothbrush at other time.