After all, greedy fish can not resist the temptation of food, both came to report

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Time: 2022-02-04 Friday, the fourth day of the first lunar month place: Flowing river People: Crazy pulling wheat ing Weather: Northwest wind level 2 0-6℃ continuous cloudy day, the cold wind is bleak, at home with my family chatting, watching TV.The crowd in the street bundled up, but it is difficult to cover up the happy smile on the face, the pace is in a hurry, this is to go to the rhythm of the New Year, the time is always short and warm.Got up early in the morning, looked at the sky as usual, sunny, rare good day!Look at the calendar, the start of Spring solar term, good kitchen!After finishing the housework assigned by the family, I packed up my equipment and started the day’s fishing trip.The wind and rain send spring back, flying snow in the spring, before the wind and rain is seen, flying snow is also gradually melting, this does not affect the enthusiasm of the fisherman.Imperceptibly, the time came to half past eleven, floating like moving, look carefully, there is still a point in the move, is the opening?In disbelief gently raised the next fishing rod, in the fish!This winter fish mouth can be really light, because of the use of 1.2+0.6 line group, floating adjustment fishing slant ton, so it is more difficult to have obvious action.Today on the fish is in his expected, as long as the fish mouth done, the next work, enthusiasm came up, he put on a few red worms all, continued to stare at drift, afraid to miss any of the action, a small cap floats again after a small meal, this is a little milk carp eat, always so brazen, rocker, indeed as expected confirm guess!After several days the wind began to blow over a pile of water plants.Ten minutes of stop, changed the strategy, the fishing point in the nest then edge, the tentative tease caught a few, greedy fish failed to resist the temptation of food, both came to report, since so enthusiastic, it will send you into protection.Continue to tease fishing, and then there is no then, floating into a calm sea magic needle, suddenly a black drift, rod found anchor up a wheat ear, but this is my endorsement fish!Release life, release life.Wheat nest this thing again, always constantly black drift, lift rod, empty gun cycle, this time to see if you can anchor a little bit bigger, the line wound to the branches, over, Barbie Q, tried a variety of methods, and finally a miracle, broke the sub-line, the results can be accepted.Re-changed a sub-line, go down to the mouth, a rod, well, the strength is not small, from the range of the bow and the strength of the fish struggle, it is a beautiful big carp tail, very excited, slowly slipped four or five back and forth, shore, really comfortable!Sunset, and to the end of the time, took stock of the fish, and became a river crown, this how bashful, the old rules, small release, big back, fishing and release, for entertainment not for fish, respect the gift of nature.That’s all for today, I am crazy pull wheat ear ing, I have been in.