“Going to the grassroots in The Spring Festival” Cold Beach Area: Escort the “Water Spring Festival Transport Road”

2022-08-11 0 By

Yongzhou News network (reporter Zhao Weipeng Lixia correspondent Jiang Jinglong Meng Jun) Cold water beach area water transport line is the city’s more special passenger transport line, during the Spring Festival transport in cold water beach area water transport also bears a lot of people’s travel needs.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the traffic and maritime department of the Cold Water Beach district carried out law enforcement patrols for the Spring Festival travel rush, strengthened the safety supervision of water passenger transport, carried out comprehensive inspections of ferry ports and docks as well as passenger and ferry vessels within the region, and made every effort to escort the “water Spring Festival travel rush”.Qian Xiaodong, who is engaged in the “water bus” industry, is the captain of a passenger ship at huangyang Sikeferry terminal in cold water beach district. The Spring Festival travel rush is the busiest time of the year, and the passenger flow has increased significantly.From this end of the river to the other side of the 500 meters distance, Master Qian is strictly in accordance with the district maritime safety Administration’s “six not to send navigation” regulations.”For more than thirty years, forty times a day.”Qian xiaodong told reporters that his mission was to bring them back safely.”I sit this boat has several decades, cross this river to pass through here must have boat ability past, the captain’s service attitude is still very good, cross the river also have so convenient, you arrive they give you past.”Cold beach district Huang Yang Town villagers Yin Jinzhu said.In the cold beach area of Gaoxi city passenger ferry terminal, Spring Festival transport law enforcement officers focused on the inspection of passenger ships, ferry ship certificates and fire, life saving equipment, but also on the steering gear and power system for a detailed inspection.Law enforcement officers require the crew and ferry workers must maintain a high sense of safety responsibility, adhere to the daily self-inspection and self-correction before sailing, strictly prohibit overload, pay attention to the load balance, improve the quality of service.It is reported that during the Spring Festival travel rush in 2022, a total of 20 passenger ships and 10 ferries will be deployed in cold Water Beach. The average daily passenger volume before the festival is about 650 people, and the average passenger volume is 1200 people, down 35% year-on-year.