How to set full screen for mobile phone screen casting computer?

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Recently, I changed my mobile phone, although the memory is larger and the brush is smoother, I also found some unaccustomed. However, the built-in screen casting operation can directly project the pictures in the mobile phone to the computer, but the size is similar to that of the mobile phone, which cannot bring immersive experience at all.Fortunately, Chenchen is a studious person, what do not understand will immediately go to the Internet to check, this is not, really find a good solution, the following, chenchen will be this small skill to share with you!How to set full screen for mobile phone screen casting computer?Read the following introduction, you will be!If your mobile phone comes with a screen casting tool, and the screen casting tool can directly set the full screen, then the following introduction need not see, the mobile phone comes with the tool to operate, isn’t it sweet?If your phone doesn’t have this tool, or you can’t adjust the screen size, then just like Chenchen, get this screen projector!Next, Chenchen will tell you how to use the screen to achieve full screen mobile phone.Ii. How to set full-screen screen for mobile phone screen casting computer?1. First, let’s talk about the acquisition of tools. The acquisition of screen casting tools is different from ordinary tools, which need to be obtained from mobile phones and computers.2. Start the screen casting tool on the computer and the mobile phone respectively. You will find that the interface of the mobile phone needs to input the six-digit connection code.3, the computer interface, android and apple the classification of the two systems, chenchen android mobile phone, so just click on the “android screen to computer” under the “wireless” screen, at this point, the screen will appear a small window, above has a string of six figures, we write down this number, it entered into the mobile phone side, click on the bottom of the screen “, “in this way,The phone screen will be placed on the computer.At this time, on the computer side, there is a stretch button in the upper right corner of the screen casting interface, that is, the third button from the left. We can click it to realize the full screen casting. If we want to exit the full screen, we can directly click ESC.Ok, the above is to set the mobile phone full screen projection method, this operation, have you learned?