Yongzhou City Deya school to carry out “the first class” and other characteristics of the theme of class meetings

2022-08-11 0 By

Rednet moment February 19 news (correspondent Tan Haiyan) sent away the cold winter, spent the joy of the Spring Festival, ushered in the fresh and bright spring, everything is so happy.The new semester, a new beginning, a new starting point, Yongzhou Deya school ushered in the beginning of the semester, all teachers and students spirit gathered on the campus, the silent campus became lively.On February 18, Yongzhou Deya School, according to the characteristics of each grade, combined with the situation of the class, organized students in grade to carry out “the first lesson of the school”, “Learning Xi Jinping thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era”, “sunshine growth psychological health education”, “love learning, love labor”, “sunflower project” as the theme of the class meeting.In addition, each class also conducted safety education on traffic safety, campus safety, food safety, epidemic prevention and control, disaster prevention, school violence and bullying, drowning prevention and other safety education.Through this activity, students have increased their safety knowledge, improved their awareness of prevention, and started the growth journey of the new semester.